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I got to VN in April of 1971 got to Moc Hoa right after the turnover. Did about 30 patrols with the VNs on the Vam Co Tay River, and Kinh Muoi Hai Canal up near the Cambodian border. The base at Moc Hoa was decommissioned, around January 1971 if memory serves me,  and all the equipment was floated downriver to ATSB Tuyen Nhon. 

Sure would like to talk to anyone who served in Moc Hoa, or Tuyen Nhon during that time. It was a long time ago, but, still have pictures of some of the advisors, SEALs, VNN sailors boats and bases I'd be happy to share. 

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Hi Michael, I was also attached to ATSB Tuyen Nhon from June, 1969 to Jan, 1970.  I was a RM3 attached to ATSB Tuyen Nhon.  The boats were in the process of being turned over to the Vietnamese when I left.  I have been unsuccessful in tracking down anyone that I knew from that period.

I am the one with the hat

Hi Tom: Looks like we missed eachother by a few months. Sorry, but, I'm not seeing the picture you mentioned.
I've been able to find one of the guys I was with in Tuyen Nhon, but, we were both there after you left. We were both RD2s.

Thanks for reaching out Tom.

Mike do you remember who the commander was at ATSB Tuyen Nhon?


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