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Made BT! in march83 never made chief part was my fault but you cant change the past.Had a boot chief give me 3.2 evals because I wouldnt help him move to navy housing. B ut I wasa damn good BT and proud of that rating badge.and I would do it all over again

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i spent 14 years in, and in a couple rates that i was better than just good at both (YES I AM BLOWING MY OWN HORN And there are a hell of a lot of others that should also be doing it. i should know. because i worked with a lot of them, some were injured and in two cases died, in one of them i helped returned the body to his family, they haunt me to this day, because i was their LPO). i spent time aboard ship, both as ship's company and air wing. i had a mostly great time in the NAVY and did my share of rebelling and beleive me i loved every minuite of it. SO don't knock those that may have been just a little bit better at manipulating those that by an a act of both the President and Congress were suppose to be your superiors. just becuse they had a small sheep skin hanging on their "I love me wall". the navy payed for me to get two of them and i did't have to pay 40 - 60 thousand dollors or in some cases even more. my gold hash marks and crow means to me at least, "that i got away with twelve years of undected crime!!!!!!!!"

i made bt1,ni 1969,on the yorktown cvs 10,dischrarged right after,seems like i know you?real name  terry l barentsen,

 i did all yu hav,loved it also!! viet nam got me!  agent orand,,i was oil and water king,on a transport ,tap-176, the GENERAL J C BRECKINRIDGE,MSTS,

      take care!

      terry l barentsen

  i live in ARKANSAS,LOVE IT


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