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I saw an old post about age requirements to advance.I don't think there was an age requirement.I was a kiddie cruiser.Joined 2 weeks before my 18th birthday.I hit the testing schedule just right.I was a Radioman when they were rating at 100% during the Cuban missle crisis.I made RM2/E5 in less than 3 years.

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I went in at age 18 and also made EN2 in 3yrs and was offered EN1 if I reenlsted.

back in the 1950s there was a GM3 who took the exam for GM2,passed the test THREE times,and on the FOURTH time he was promoted to E5.Back in those days sailors from many different ratings could pass the test for advancement,and be ..." QUOTAED-OUT" because there were "TOO MANY OF THEM" navy-wide.We had an SH3 who was among 33 SH3s navy-wide to make it to SH2.

Hi Sparks

Same story here...made Rm2 in three extended a year in Japan and tried to extend another year to see If I could

make RM1. Needed  three or four months,(hard to remember now) to take the test, but the Co told me I could

only ship for six, so I went home..Guess i would have stayed in for twenty if I had made first class...

I joined on January 26,1967, and made ATR-2 in less than 2 yearx.

No age requirements. just time in rate to be eligible for advancement. It was the only way to discriminate by age the USN could get away with. In hindsight, a good practice.


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