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President Obama it appears has picked his nomination for new Secretary of Defense

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Just what we need another non-veteran P.C. salesman.We got sold (stuffed down our throats) that having Homosexual/Transgender personnel crammed onto a Sub. would make the cruise more enjoyable. I think not.I think there is a time and place for everything. But the Navy is not the right place for it.We have very little privatcy on board and Subs. have much less.How would you feel if you had to pull a 8 month deployment with someone you can not get along with. Day after day you stand watch together, eat together, shower together,and spend the hour of "your off time"together.I feel there will be problems. Most will put up with it, but a large amout of people won't. A one hour talk is not going to over come years of conditioning..

Leon Panetta?  I wonder why.


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