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Due to the growing level of violence in our world and the extolment of peace in Scripture, there is much debate among Christians regarding whether it is appropriate for a Christian to own weapons.
However, a comprehensive look at the Bible offers insight regarding historic practices that inform this issue today.
We have the example of the apostles, who owned weapons. On the night Jesus was betrayed, He asked His followers to bring swords. They had two, which Jesus claimed was enough (Luke 22:37-39).
As Jesus was being arrested, Peter sliced off the ear of one of the servants of the high priest (John 18:10). Jesus healed the man instantly (Luke 22:51) and commanded Peter to put away his weapon (John 18:11).
Peter’s ownership of a sword was not condemned, only his particular use of it.
On another occasion, soldiers came to be baptized by John the Baptist. When asked what to do to live for God, John told them, “Do not extort money from anyone by threats or by false accusation, and be content with your wages” (Luke 3:14).
John stopped short of telling them to lay down their weapons.
And then there is David, who praised God “who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle” (Psalm 144:1).
The Old Testament contains many other examples of godly men who owned and used weapons, usually in the context of warfare.
The Bible never forbids a Christian from owning a weapon, but it does offer some principles to consider. First, Christians are called to be peacemakers (Matthew 5:10).
A Christian considering the purchase of a weapon should prayerfully consider if doing so would aid in peace-making.
Second, a Christian should only own a weapon for a purpose that would honor God (1 Corinthians 10:23).
Using a weapon for hunting, military or law enforcement duty, or self-defense may honor God. Still, a person should reflect on his or her motives for owning a particular weapon.
Third, a Christian should abide by local laws, including gun laws. Romans 13 is clear that governing authorities are from God and are to be obeyed.
Further, we are to pray on behalf of governing leaders who oversee our communities and nation (1 Timothy 2:1-2).
Ultimately, there is nothing sinful about owning a gun or other weapon. A weapon can be useful and even necessary in some contexts; at the same time, Christians should carefully consider their motive and purpose in owning a weapon, and local ordinances should be followed.
Remember its in the law! The Founding Fathers gave us that right to own weapons for self defense. Its in the Constitution. When wicked men try to undermine the Constitution or attempt to harm your family, you have a legal right to defend your home and its not a sin.
Those who own guns for the sure purpose of committing murder, their sins will find them out. What is the motive? I took an oath when I joined the Navy in 1974 to support and defend the Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies.
Who are those domestic enemies? Many may disagree, but any politician who wants to undermine what the Founding Fathers have set down in our Constitution including the right to own guns, and that goes for State Governors too. Your right still remains to self defense and that of your family.
I tell people all the time. "MY OATH STILL STANDS UNTIL I DIE"
1. My loyalty is to God who comes first in everything. I am a Christian and I am not ashamed Period.
2. My 2nd loyalty is to my family
3. My 3rd loyalty is to my Country.
4. I obey all State and Federal Laws, but when they conflict with God's laws, I will obey God over man Period.
Retired military or not, I will defend my country should that need ever arise.
REMEMBER: The Bible was written long before the invention of any type of gun, so the phrase “gun control” will not be found in Scripture. However, the Bible records many accounts of wars, battles, and the use of weapons.
Warfare is presented as an inevitable part of living in a fallen world (Mark 13:7; James 4:1), and weaponry is a necessary part of warfare. Weapons in the Bible were also used for personal protection. In some parts of Israel, robbers were common (see Luke 10:30), and many people carried weapons when they traveled.
Carrying a weapon for self-defense is never condemned in the Bible. In fact, it was mentioned in a positive light by Jesus Himself on one occasion (Luke 22:35-38).
Christians are called to submit to governing authorities, and they are to obey the laws of the land (Romans 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:13-17).
This would have to apply to gun laws, too. If American gun laws change, American Christians should submit to these changes and work through democratic means toward any desired alternatives.
The Bible does not forbid the possession of weapons, and neither does it command such possession. Laws may come and go, but the goal of the believer in Jesus Christ remains the same: to glorify the Lord (1 Corinthians 10:31).
Another biblical principle to consider is that “all who draw the sword will die by the sword” (Matthew 26:52). Jesus said this to Peter when Peter tried to mount an imprudent “defense” of Jesus against the mob that had come to arrest Him. Peter’s actions were not only futile against such a “large crowd armed with swords and clubs” (verse 47), but his rash behavior also belied Jesus’ submissive attitude (verse 50) and worked against the fulfillment of Scripture (verse 54).
There is “a time for war and a time for peace” (Ecclesiastes 3:8), and Peter confused the two. Christianity supports personal freedom. Romans 14:1-4 indicates that, when Scripture does not clearly address a particular issue, there is freedom for individual choice. America has historically embraced the concept of personal freedom that resonates with this principle, and the founding documents guarantee wide freedoms regarding firearms.
Some point to Matthew 5:9, in which Jesus pronounces a blessing on the peacemakers, and apply it to the issue of gun control. The idea is that guns are antithetical to peace. This may be more of a philosophical or political idea than a theological one, however. There is nothing theologically, or even logically, that links guns to a lack of peace; sometimes, guns help maintain civil peace.
Debates over whether to control guns or how much to control them depend largely on political and philosophical arguments, not moral ones. This is not to say that there is no moral component to the issue. Obviously, the gun itself is amoral, an object that can be used for good or for evil.
More important is the morality of the person wielding the gun, and that is too often the missing consideration in the gun control argument. The fact that some sinners use guns to commit sin does not mean guns are the problem. Sin is the problem, and that’s a moral and spiritual issue.
Since the very beginning of humanity, people have been killing other people, with and without weapons (see Genesis 4). Taking a certain weapon out of circulation might make murder more difficult but by no means impossible.
As far as the Bible is concerned, the use of guns is a matter of personal conviction. There is nothing unspiritual about owning a gun or knowing how to use one.
There is nothing wrong with protecting oneself or loved ones, even if it involves the use of weapons. We need not pretend there is never a need for guns, but pointing a gun at a person should always be a last resort. We should seek to neutralize threats without violence whenever possible.
So, how should a Christian view gun control? With the authority God has entrusted to it, the government has the right to allow or disallow gun ownership to whatever degree it deems right. We, as citizens, are called to submit to whatever gun control laws the government institutes. This is not, however, a statement on the wisdom of gun control.
There are good reasons to allow law-abiding citizens to own guns. Ultimately, guns are not the problem. Sinful people are the problem. Sinful wicked politicians who believe they are above the law. Who commit crimes, against the federal Government thinking they will escape. But always remember. God is still in control.
Wicked politicians even in hitler's day during world war II, jews and other citizens had no right to own guns or defend themselves. Has not changed today. Liberals seek to undermine our Constitution to take our rights to self defense away. If they take that right away, besure they will attempt to take all the other rights away as well.
California for example, the Democratic Socialist Party loves Illegals, and while its unconstitutional to allow them to vote in State and Federal elections, The Democrat party managed to protect their political power and still attempt to disarm citizens, besides stilling their voice at the polls.
Since the massive increase in Illegal Immigration by peoples from 96 different countries, including radical Islamic terrorist, Our State has become under attack. Car j******, Robbery, Hit and Run, murder, Rape, Home invasion, Child predators, and depending on where you live will determine the time it takes for Law enforcement to arrive to save you. Too often its too late. But if you are able to defend your home you can also save your family as well... so then...
What will happen to this politicians? The free people are under the cloud of Democrats and the free people face tyranny by those who don't care about American citizens or the Constitution.
In the 1700's the Churches were a flamed with God and many ministers even took up arms against the British to gain our freedom in this Republic we call America. Patriotism still exist and its no sin to defend those rights when the very Founding fathers who gave us those rights declared through their wisdom long ago that the possibility of an over throw by sinful and wicked politicians who would desire to bring its people under slavery.
Many wars were fought over slavery, the last one remembered was the bloody civil War where millions died. in the end, whatever decisions you make in regard to guns, seek the Lord for wisdom and depend on his word.
Maybe you don't know the God of the Bible? He knows you. He knew your name long before the foundation of the world. He went to a cross, and died on your behalf because we are all born in sin and Jesus Christ died to remove that sin and give you the hope you need to find eternal life through him.
After Jesus died, He was buried and three days later he rose from the dead.
If Jesus never rose from the dead, those who hated him, do you not think that they would have shown everyone his dead body? They couldn't because the tomb was empty. I prepared a presentation for you in Powerpoint below. It will answer most of the questions you have.
But please remember this. Life is short and we only get two choices here in this life. HEAVEN OR HELL? Jesus is the only way to heaven there is no other way.

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