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After the Rolling Stone published their article on McChrystal, Obama swiftly fired the 4-Star General.  Joseph Dilmore asks, "I would like to know how other people feel about McChrystals forced(?)resignation,and how they feel to war on terror is going in Afghanistan."

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This is a historical event that will have long-standing implications well beyond Afghanistan.

1) McChrystal's aides were idiots for ever letting this author into their midst. There should not have been any doubt in anyone's mind that this guy was going to really target the military.
2) I thought it was actually a great article. However, I'm pretty sure that Michael Hastings (the author) just ruined any journalists chances of ever being embedded in the battlefield with another General... ever!
3) The article actually doesn't provide any evidence of McChrystal denouncing Obama interestingly enough. I'm actually surprised that he was fired and not simply called on the carpet for his aides' actions.
4) This is the second time in 50 years an active General in charge of the battlefield has been removed, both times it's been Obama that has done it. I'm afraid there's long-term implications for this beyond the politics. Our troops are confused and demoralized.

One afternote on this, proudly had the Patraeus "Betray Us" New York Times advertisement on their site for over 3 years. Now that Patraeus is back in charge, they've taken it down. Talk about a partisan organization... it's just dispicable.

Last note: With our 'no collateral damage policy' and body counts rising, I hope Patraeus still has enough time and authority to go win this war. I have doubts we'll even come close to winning with the current administration, though.
The more I think of this,the more I get ideas like this ,come to mind(now don't get to critical...please):
1)when fighting WWII did the ALLIES ever conduct a HEARTS and MINDS campain?
2)maybe our military should enlarge the numbers of its SpecialOps troops and cut back its conventional forces that way we have better trained and more efficient people who will (may) have less {TOT}time on target ,a higher kill rate less casualty ,more secrets kept,the ones we're after know we ain't dickin' about!(if they even get a chance before they git killt to know that they have become targets,and most of our allies SpecOps almost operate w/the same strageties(maybe even trained together)AND as SpecOps probably already trained w/each other.
3)I guess thats it....I think..
Unwise granting interview with an anti-military, anti-war publication like "Rolling Stone." I think any of us in any job would face the same response if we spoke of our employer in the same manner. That said, nothing he said wasn't without substance or merit. Obama simply showed his lack of leadership ability even furthur, and his ego is even a bigger problem. How dare a puny little general who works for me say such things... I have my doubts as to our effectiveness under the circumstances they are having to do battle. I fear the longer it goes, and Bin Laden remains on the loose, the American people are going to find this less than a success than we might.
aye,but methinx that our fighting forces be unshackeled and let loose like the "HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE"and root bin "LAME-ASS" out of whatever hole he slunk into!That said I want to give my unflinching support and undying grattitude to all still overthere "downrange"and in harms way.
On another note:I saw in last nights evening national news about this ,this...really scary trend going on ...its referred to as...oh crap now I can't remember the word.
Basically they don't recognize OUR government or Laws,and last week I think a man and his 16 yr.old son gunned down some cops and took off ,but were later cornered at a walmart and relultantly ..killed.(and that no-good,douche-bag of a father in all essence killed his own son.)
But this growing trend of uber-homegrown terrorist is only making this country into a more maddening and chaotic place like it is elsewhere.We must rut our foot down and stand up to anyone who would do OUR homeland WRONG.!
I am usually better at stating my points across but I am under the weather and my kids are yelling for their breakfast ,so I must log-off till I am able to put my full attention to these matters.
this group refers to themselves as "SOVEREIGN?"I think...
He couldn't have asked more clearly to be fired. So he was.


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