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Didn't know how to categorize this so I'm stowing it here.  Has anybody ever landed, docked, been stationed, or washed up on Wake Island?  On my first flight over the Pacific in 1969, (on Braniff Airways), we landed on Wake to refuel.  From where I sat it looked like a spec on the water as we approached.  It also seemed we had just enough runway to come to a stop.  We were allowed off the Boeing 707 to stretch and look around.  I changed into whites during the stopover there.  It was hot and bright, and would seem like an unpleasant place to be stationed.  Anybody who had to live and work there should be awarded a medal.


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Iit was dark when I was briefly there,but it seemed to be a very LONELY place to be stationed....Much later,after boarding my first tin can,we tied up @ MIDWAY a time or two,and I was able to walk around there for a short time,and watched the "GOONIE BIRDS" trying to get airborne,@ coming in for a landing.It was so hard for them to get up into the air,but once airborne, they were very graceful,but when they came in for a landing,they lost ALL CONTROL,and  came in FLIPPING END-OVER-END! I was later told that was why they got that name: GOONIE BIRD...

I have a paperback book about Wake Island.  The title is "Given Up For Dead".  Good book! 

after boot i jumped a MAC flight to subic. we stopped at wake to refuel. only thing i remember is when i walked off the plane that tropical heat floored me. god was it hot !!!

I landed on Wake Island in 1990 headed to Okinawa with NMCB Four. We had to re fuel a A1011 that the battalion had chartered to fly us to Okinawa. Everything that I've read on this page is pretty much accurate. When we landed we were allowed to get of the plane and walk around, I head to the chapel and signed my name in the visitor log. Very desolate place, and very hot and windy. 


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