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i myself feel the v.a. is giving us vets a bumb rap i ret in 99 and been fighting them ever since then the c.m.p. so called dr's dont have a clue i think this is B.S. in march this year 2012 i was perminitly disable by my v.a. dr for C.O.P.D. plus on oxygen (not service connected) but in early years in my navy days in 77 i was exsposed to asbestoes but not in med record i was on an old ship orion as-18, any way i can not work no more living on E-6 PENSION AND ONLY 40% DISABLED BY V.A. i gave 21 years of service where is my help when needed any help is greatly wellcome thank you, p.s. ive sence appled for s.s.d. but as we all know it takes along time which again i think is B.S.

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My Reply to mike carlson bm1 (sw)  You said: Jerry how u do that I need same for the Charleston s.c. & Columbia s.c.

Mile Thanks, glad you like my Graphics  GO TO GOGGLE AND TYPE IN THE FOLLOWING:

" Veterans Administration Oakland, CA " and click on images  All those are my posters and I am in the process of posting them to all the VA Hospital areas around the Country until Oakland CA fixes my problem

Keep a look out in your area shipmate, I have added those two cities to my list too and they take 4-7 days to appear in the internet

If you have PowerPoint, you can direct any image where you want it to go in these simple steps:

1. Create a file on your Desktop and name it the title of the City and State where you want it to appear

2. Create the Graphic and save it with the same name as the file

3. When you post the Graphic on the Internet, you save it as the same name on the file and as the Graphic

Then sit back and wait for it to appear in 4-7 days

I have been fighting VA back because I qualify for my 100% disability and I can't work because of my back and they refuse so I fight MY WAY

jerry thank's on the poster's look forward to see them, I been fighting the v.a. since 99 when I retiered , got a lawyer and still lost, mike

No problem, Glad to help

Not only do I have to fight VA but Social security as well

Hey Francis, you were on Active duty when that happened so you have the medical records right?

Kind of like my situation when I fell from the Signal Bridge to the bridge on the USS Anchorage LSD-36, I do have it all documented in my Medical records and VA has all of my records from 74-1998 and I have been fighting now for 15 1/2 years  to be rated for my ankles and legs and feet and for the Nerve damage and I applied for that and filed a claim in 1998 and still denied.

Just opened a New Claim today for those mentioned above but if they ever rate me, they would owe me back pay for 15 years

But I think they hope I die first so they don't have to pay. We Serve and we come home to a New Battle. It's called

" BACKLOG "  Kind of like the Movie BackDraft ... Making Posters is Therapy for me  hahahahahahh

Something smells fishy Darrell. Sorry to hear you can't get those Medical Records. I know I kept mine here at the house and I make copies on a regular basis

putting them on the scale, it's weight is 85 pounds... and I'm still fighting for the 100% since 1998


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