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I was processed out of the Navy there in Jan 1972.  Stayed in a transit barracks for a week or so while waiting to be discharged.  When I first arrived I kind of just hung around base a day or so until I joined a few guys who were cool and we went downtown SF looking for hippie chicks.  But one evening while staying on base I wandered into the barracks lounge to watch TV or something.  And to my surprise I saw a beer dispensing machine in there.  I couldn't believe it.  A beer machine in a barracks?  Upon closer examination I saw that the only beer it had was SCHLITZ.  But the price was affordable, 35 cents.  I dropped the required amount in the slot, pushed the large square button with the picture of SCHLITZ on it and presto!  A cold can of beer rolled into the lower tray.  FAR OUT!!  I turned on the TV, nobody was in the lounge, and watched whatever SF offered that evening.  Enjoyed a few more of those machine beers and then crashed for the night.
 I tell you one more thing.  It turned out that beer wasn't the only product you could buy in that transit barracks at TI. 
Those were the days my friend.  

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