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How many think that B.O. really Screwed the Pooch on the Cambridge Police issue ?

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Everybody has to "add' their .02...Bama shoulda kept his mouth shut..all that remark did was stoke up now CNN will be crawlin ALL over the officers involved..
Hell all Gates was asked for was proof it was his house....
I understand that he jumped on the Cambridge P.D. because he got about 17 parking tickets while school there. He didn't pay 15 of them until he ran for office.
The man scares me.....He doen,t salute the flag, he went to that "church", has a bunch of commie friends and god only knows where he was born!
Count me in too, like I said before I think his whole campaign had a hidden agenda, and it has to do with pulling that racial card. I don't think he would have shot his mouth of so fast if it wasn't. The dumas even said he didn't know all the facts, what do you want to bet after calling Police Chief, the next call was to the CIC, his good buddy. This mess is beginning to smell of a plot to stir up hate and discontent between the races.
Yes I believe the Professor's, street -thug, black-ghetto attitude came into effect here, and the CIC fell right in there beside him, because he was an African-American and a good African-American friend. I'm afraid this isn't the last of this sort of thing we are going to see......
Before I am Racialy Profiled as a Bigot & a Racist I would like to add to my above comment : " I have a dream, that my four childern will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character." Dr. Martin Luther King.... Professor Gates was not arrested for the color of his skin that night, but for a flaw in his character.
The Professor is wealthy and educated, therefore he is smarter than those " Dumbass Cops". So he doesn't have to do what they say...
Then you got the race card.... There was a Black and a Hispanic cop at the scene...
Then you got the King of Jackasses, Obama.... Jumping in with two feet.... insert in mouth....
We should all know by now ... Black wealthy and folks with position do nothing wrong.... Just ask OJ Simpson....
But how do you really feel John? ; o 0

I,m like you i,m wondering whats next. He'll probably try and shut the press down.
Before the "White" European settlers came, the Spaniards came and really gave it to the Native Americans. What I mean, is that teachers and libs will point out how "Whites" treated the Indians yet they seem to forget that the Spaniards were a lot worse in the treatment of Indians. Mexicans ranchers enslaved and treated them so bad that when America went to war with Mexico over the Southwest, Native Americans chose to side with America.
I hate to say it but after teaching in a predomitly black school for 15 years here is I think happens. It starts at home, then the schools take over and teach their version of black history. By the time they get to high school they belive all white people are "blue eyed devils". When you ask them who ran the underground railroad they can't tell you.
How do I feel, well let me start off by saying that my Patriotic Native American blood is begining to boil over agian. I believe that this is an attempt to stir up the African-American's to keep obama in office by these so called African-American educated and wealthy instagators and bleeding heart liberals. It sure is funny how this little known half-n-half became so popular over night. I believe there has been a behind the scenes hidden agenda by these folks for quite awhile. And as usual, alot of folks were not paying attention, sitting on their hands on the couch letting life go on as usual.
I myself, as well as a few others that I have met thru this web site, have been ranting and raving about this situation we're in since way before the elections. I believe there is good and bad in every race, but my Granddad had the foresight to see this mess between blacks and whites comming for many years. He had an aresonal of weapons,I will say over 50 hand guns, shotguns,and rifles along with 500 rounds of ammo for each. He always told me he was going to be prepared for this sort of clash between blacks and whites.
I believe from what I have seen and heard just in the past few months, that we better be watching out for our SIX. I have a real bad feeling about what is fixing to slap us in our face. The way obama has been playing footsie with all the minorities, appointing them to office, nominating them for this and that. Now his latest blonder, of trying to cover his African-American upper echelon buddies ass knowing damn good and well, that he screwed up. He just jumped at the chance to quick to shoot of his mouth, about something he didn't even know the whole story about, for being the President of the United States.
Where's the Press now? I don't hear anyone saying what a good job he did handling this situation. I feel if given enough rope he is going to hang his self. I just hope the real American-Patriots see him for what he really is and impeach his ass, before he completely ruins our great Nation. He is playing games with the Black folk's minds, hopefully the Patriotic Black Americans and these Bleeding- Hearts that think they are helping the Black folk, will see thru his( or should I say their) smoke screen......before they drag the whole Nation down the drain......
(standing) Clap, Clap, Clap,Cl Clap!
Is that ok,Harry? To many emotions come to mind when dealing with this subject, becuase I do have some down to earth Black folk friends that see thru what is happenig. They saw thru it from the beginning,and it's the older Black folks that are beginning to worry about this situation with obama and his cronies. Sure they have the same worries of discremination,as we all do, but the attitude of obama and his followers is not the right path to be taken. They fear that many Black folks voted for him just because he was black, and they also see that there was a ploy to stir up the un-mentionable street thug generation, gangs, and radical black muslims.
The types that are friends to your face, but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty with black and white, they go black and don't use or have never been taught the basic principals of Patriotic American Citizens....


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