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What Happend to our Old Navy & why did it become so corporate!!

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That might be the 64 thousand dollar question...There seems to be a lot of "CYA" in the upper echelons,where all the BRASS is...I don't  think I'll ever figure it all out.

Before the UCMJ, ( Uniform Code Of Military Justice )  there was something known as the " ROCKS and SHOALS...During those days,if a 1st Class told you to do something,you did it,without any questions,or you could wind up with that 1st Class's FOOT in your ( your own word here ) and it was legal...The R & S died in 1956,was replaced by the UCMJ,and went all down hill from there,thanks in large part to today's  " PC  Progressive Movement"...So sad,but true.Kind of makes you wonder just how much more of the current madness will prevail,until someone  ( upstairs brass ) with some COMMON SENSE steps in,and begins the LONG and DIFFICULT job of straightening the current "leaders vote catching scheme" out...Any ideas,anyone? And how much longer will our once proud military be able to stand,with members who still have moral grounds to walk on?

Back in the day it was all a team effort, I st class told you to do something, you did it! Before I retired I forget where I was at, a I st class told a seaman to do something & the seaman replied "Why, I'm on break let some one else do it, I don't have too"

To many were feeling hurt, ashamed and discriminated against, so all the songs, jokes, dirty talk, hazing, "Crossing The Line" ceremonies, in port drinking, f***ing and whore chasing had to stop.   Now we have Adam and Steve nailing each other down behind the aft uptakes.  Women getting pregnant ABOARD SHIP and having to leave for child birthing reasons, Gays harassing straights, beatings, officers with their hands tied by regulations and reprisals, and some stylish people messing with the uniforms that have been around for 200 years and not knowing the uniforms were a FUNCTIONING part of living aboard a ship. Now we need to have the uniforms hanging in a proper closet, looking all kinds of weird, not being able to fold them neatly and STOW them in a 2x2x2 locker and they sure as hell don't fit in a SEA BAG!!!

My ol' man had a FLAT HAT and a HAMMOCK!!  I had a 2x2x2 locker!!  A frame bunk with canvas stretched with rope and a thin mattress.  Now everyone has a lot of space for clothes, sleeping and PRIVACY!!  More like a CRUISE LINER. 

Pretty soon, they will have SHUFFFLE BOARD on the LIDO DECK!!!

I think that about sums it up.

You nailed it,David.I'm just glad I got in,and then got out ,before all of the current madness with its pc pushers took over.The Navy,in my own humble opinion,will NEVER be like it was designed to be...ever again..SO DAMNED SAD!!


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