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I would like to start an association of Operation Frequent Wind Veterans. Next year will 40yrs that we served.What does anyone think of the idea?

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My first tin can patrolled off the coast of Viet Nam before things really began to heat up,beginning in '57-'59 when the MACV were beginning to show up...we were pulled from regular ops in other areas to the coast of Laos to be ready for the firing line,in '58,cause North VN was flexing their muscles and the Carrier Group we were with was ordered,along with my tin can squadron,the U.S.S James E. Kyes (flagship) the U.S.S.Eversole,U.S.S  Shelton & the U.S.S Higbee to flex our own muscles,and things kinda  calmed down for the time being.I didn't see any real action there,because I left in '59 at Long Beach,and three months later was aboard the U.S.S. Basilone on the East Coast,and found myself in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis in'62...But later I tracked down a former shipmate from the Kyes,and learned that the KYES DD 787 was indeed back in VN on the firing line,and kicked some ASS and won many awards for accuracy,but one of the GM sailors was killed by enemy fire as he was on a Motor Whale Boat out in the open without much pretection......So, I do think starting the association "OFW" would be pretty well received,and a lot of history could be recovered,whether it is about Viet Nam,or just whatever....but that's just my thoughts.

I would love to be a part of the OFW Association. I served aboard the USS Kirk, DE/FF-1087. We played a big part in the evacuation effort.

Well William & James , First off I want to apolize for not writing sooner but I've been dealing with health issues on & off but now I'm ready move  on this I wonder how one starts an OFW Association ?? Please if any of You have any ideas let me Know

I was an IM1 (PO1) on the USS Hector AR7 in the shipyard undergoing overhaul in Guam at this period. I have grey scale photos, old ones, of the Vietnamese refugees as they come into Guam in this period. I can share if anyone would like to see.


Thanks Richard,I was a plane captain on board USS Enterprise CVN-65 I didn't get any pictures of the events of that day ( to busy at the time ) 

I will post some photos tomorrow morning. Good night from Idaho Falls, Idaho


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