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We're nearing a thousand Navy Veterans on our site and growing rapidly now. As vets, we hear and see a lot on the news about how difficult it can be to get benefits and treatment. I've met and seen a lot of great sailors get injured and put on partial and full disability.

What are some other common hazards, disabilities and ailments that you've seen shipmates suffer from? You're going to see some additional content on the site soon on topics such as these so Navy Vets wants to hear from its own members so we can educate and begin providing you with some resources.

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i was on the point d 1973-1976.

hi you all i need some help her from follow shpmates from the U.S.S. ORION AS-18 i was on board from 77-79 in deck during this time frame we tore apart deck berthing lagging in all finding out that is was full of asbestos corman said it would be put into our records well being a young guy who would thought they wouldnt well guess what they didnt now i have c.o.p.d. not service connected they say cause i have no prof i was told if i can get letters from other shipmates it might help i have it so bad iam on oxygen permintly disabled from the v.a. but cant get any higher then 40% so now living on an E-6 PENSION ive since applyed for s.s.d. but we know how long that takes u serv for your country but when we need help where is it  it f ----- sucks hope there are shipmates out there where we can help each other out iam sure iam not the only one in this boat thanks guys

I am a 1965-66 Navy Destroyer  Vietnam Veteran I suffered 4-5 strokes in 1995 and placed a claim in 1996. I  have had 4-5 claims in for Ischemic Heart Disease. I had a heart attack in 2008. We operated on the "gun line" for so long, we had to go into Subic Bay for 3 new - 5" 38 gun barrels. To fire on shore at the Vietcong, and destroy targets pointed out by air support, we had to be within gun range, which was  10-12 miles. The VA will not pay the Navy even though they were exposed to Agent Orange Spray. The VA is not on our sides. The Navy and Air Force are being screwed by the VA worse than by "charlie". I suffer from 60% short and 40% long terms memory lost. I have had claims in since 1997. I am stilll waiting an appeal. Minneapolis VA Hospital Benefits Doctor said " I am going to service connected you". The VA said screw the doctor, "they are in charge". If they are'nt going to listen to them, why do they send us to them? The VA could care less about how the US Navy is treated. They started screwing us during Pres. Bush Jr. regime and are still doing it. They talk about Pres. Obama giving more money to Veterans. Were is it for the Navy Veterans? I guess we are still expendable. Vietnam Veterans are dieing at a high rate. Out of our VFW we have lost more Vietnam Veterans than WWII Veterans, What is wrong with that picture when they average 40 years more in age.

the newspapers and t.v. news outlets are finally investigating the horrible way the v.a. is run,and the way it is treating us veterans,they had to be finally embarrassed on t.v. in the length of time ,the way they lose paperwork and the down right breakdown of the whole system.maybe people who are in high places will be forced to resign or fired.the computer and phone system sucks and is always down.or out of commission.the v.a. has had one scandal after another while shinsecki was put in charge in 2009.myself i have been waiting since 2009 for an injury that happened to me in 1966.the accident was never put in the ship`s log to protect some officer.i had to hunt down a few ship mates to write a letter telling the v.a. that the accident did happen.all this time they thought i was lying.always send any info to the v.a. in certified mail with a return receipt.hope to have to get some good news shortly.mickey doyle

after 51/2 years I finally got a 10% rating from the v.a..i went thru the DAV and the American legion and I swear to God they thought I was lying.i called them out on this attitude they had for me saying this never happened.spent 10 days in the st.albans naval hospital after my operation I received by stopping a 1000lb bomb from hitting the and the v.a. couldn`t find my records I had to hunt them down.thank God I have crew members who are still alive and I had them write letters saying all this happened aboard uss great sitkin ae 17 in 1966.that is the only reason I got the 10%.when I got out in 1967 I was a complete drunk and when I drank I told everyone that would listen to me in the bar what happened that night they thought I lying or bullshitting have to get written proof from shipmates who were with you on the ship when this accident happened.we were in the Hoboken ship yards for overhaul for 3 months living and eating and sleeping while they removed asbestos and lead paint.another item I have to prove happened.i got so disgusted I finally had to put my case in the hands of a lawyer I was getting so sick with arguing with the v.a.this should take another year or two I am 69 .remember to get letters from your shipmates.this accident of all sorts of ammo breaking loose in the middle of the night was NEVER PUT IN THE SHIPS LOG.

To all my fellow veterans,

My name is Michael McGrath. I am a retired, 60% service-connected disabled U.S. Navy veteran. I spent 21 years on active duty during the Vietnam War, Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

Recently, I landed a job as a contractor for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and I now work on Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, helping soon-to-be-discharging or retiring service-members, AND veterans, learn more about their benefits, how they might be eligible for those benefit and how to access those benefits. It is a GREAT job! Where there was once a considerable amount of confusion about veterans benefits,and a great deal of frustration surrounding the length of time it took to file for benefits and to start receiving those benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs has recently been Congressionallly-mandated to assist ALL veterans with accessing their hard-earned and well-deserved benefits. That is what I love the most about my job.

If ANY veteran here on needs help in the claims process, feel free to give me a call at 720-847-4VET, and let's discuss your questions and concerns. I might be able to help you circumvent the difficulties and get you the help you need in applying for your veterans benefits.

I also wanted to add that I appreciate every one of my fellow veterans on this website. I encourage you ALL to apply for your benefits by: 1) heading to your nearest Veterans Service Organization (VSO) (such as the VFW, DAV, American Legion, etc.), 2) sign a power-of-attorney for them to handle your claim, any claim documentation, and to be your legal representation, 3) give them COPIES of your DD-214's and any medical evidence that would support your claim (including military AND civilian medical records and documentation), 4) allow your VSO representative to be the expert that gets you through the claims process.

Don't wait another week to submit your claim! Do it today! If you are eligible for benefits, you will have EARNED them. Don't throw away money that might be lawfully yours!



Michael A. McGrath
VA Representative


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