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Was stationed at RTC San Diego in June 1962 until August 1962. Did a lot marching all over the base and did the gas chamber several times. At the time, thought that we did a lot of things that would not be needed in my navy career but I was wrong. Every thing that I learned in boot camp was very useful during my ;military career. The USS Recruit was the first ship that I was on and enjoyed sit very much.After finishing boot camp, went through Radioman "A' school there. After finishing Radioman school transferred out to the fleet on board U.S.S. Howard Gilmore, AS-16 for further transfer to the new construction, U.S.S. Holland. AS-32.

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Stationed in RTC San Diego 1984. Company 230 under Chief Stone. Chief Stone was a gunners mate in Vietnam. A old school vet with a wicked sense of humor. The first thing that comes to mind is him screaming get undressed and in those bunks under the sheets. This is what we call a Navy nooner everbody hit the sack. We slept for a few hours. Glad I was not on watch that would have really sucked. The next thing we did was double time thru R and O screaming and laughing the whole way. Guess he did not want to walk that day. Another Memory was the RCPO screaming at the top of his lungs and one of the recruits said" sit your candy a** down. the whole company erupted. He never screamed louder, but I thought he did quiet down after that. One more memory is I thought I'd ask the chief a really stupid question. he was in his blues with all of his medals a hanging 13 I beieve. I asked is that all of them? You all know what happened.


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