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I'm David J Davies USN RET....MY first duty station was NavRadSta (T) Ft Allen, located in Ponce PR.

Attended RM A school in San Diego in 1962,  Arrived in PR and shipped over in 1964,  Attended

Rm B school at Bainbridge MD.  My second  tour was from 1971 to 1974 at NAVCOMMSTA PR

I worded the Commcen as a tape ape, was transferred to the Recvr site and then to Xmters.

When I arrive on the second tour I worked as the Watch Traffic Chief.  Married a Puerto Rican

girl from Ponce and still married.    

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    Oh to be back at Ft Allen again!!!!! I remember the chow as being pretty darn good and surly miss the weather from about November to the time when I was at Ft Allen, I missed the snow of home, home being Minnesota. But now, at the age of 60, the warm weather of PR sounds pretty good. I remember being on the golf course for 18 holes of golf and getting one hell-of-a sunburn...the outdoor movie theator was something to remember too....watching the moving after your eve watch in the communication center...I used to dream of being home when I was there, but now I dream of being back on the base. I guess one can't have it both I am going to retire soon from the Minnepolis Police Property Room and move to Maine....the wife wants to go back there again, the daughters live there..... I was at Ft Allen from January 1970 to January 1972...Just had to babble a little to maybe get your site active....Have a great day....1/10/2011 RM-3 Rasmussen

I too was at Fort Allen and I live in Minneapols! I left Viet Nam 20 April 1970 and showed up at Fort Allen 25 May 1970. I was an RM2 checking messages at the desk in the center by the officer of the day. I can't remember too many of the names from the message center, but there were about 18-20 on my watch. A buddy from Chu Lai (RVN, near Danang) was Robin Nicols and we both had motorcycles and spent many of our "80s" on the west coast. Ah, weren't those great shifts, the 2-2-2 and 80? What a way to work. Nichols and I used to camp near Rincon and snorkle and surf.  There where a lot of surfers from the mainland in that area. I do miss the ocean. I don't think I ever played golf, but the theater was interesting. One guy I roomed with was bitten by a bat at the theater and had to get rabis shots. In March of 1971 I flipped my Honda into the parh of a truck near Mayaguez and spent 10 days at Ramey AFB getting my arm and shoulder screwwed back together. Then I had a full arm cast for 6 months. I have not owned a motorcycle since then. I did track down another buddy from Viet Nam recently who was one of the "Security" guys at Fort Allen. His name was Lars Jappe (also from MN but now lives in NYC) who was on the boat YFU78, similar to my first assignment on the LCU1622 in Danang. The YFU78 exploded at the Bridge Ramp 27 February 1969 and killed a couple of dozen guys. I left Fort Allen 1 July 1971 and was discharged at Charleston 12 July 1971, went back to the U of MN, finished Engineering School and joined the Peace Corps for 2 years in Samoa. Got married there and back to MN for grad school, 30 years of civil engineering and retired about 7 years ago, now work part time helping disabled kids at Washburn HS.

David ... I was in your watch section at NCSPR and you signed some of my PARS so I could take the advancement exams.  If I remember correctly, your car was blue; however, I don't remember the make/model although something in the back of my mind tells me it was a foreign made car.

Al Albers


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