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anyone ever had swim call in the Mariana Trenches? I remember back in'59 while on the USS James E. Kyes DD 787 our Skipper told the OOD to pass the word "swim call...swim call".The skipper got on the 1mc and told us to dive as deep as we wanted  without worrying about "bumping into anything...the bottom is seven miles down" we had the gunners mates patrolling in the motor whaleboat looking for sharks with M1 Garands.

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It seemed that the FORMER "tasty" Mr. Treadwell's life raft had a slow leak in it,and he just didn't appear to WANT to patch it up,and as a result it finally went in "down the hatch"...of a HUGE grizzly.Ya GOTTA use a LITTLE common sense every once in a while...a stitch in time saves nine,or so I've heard....oh well.By the way,I have noticed that the name of the "PORPOISES"that we used to see swimming and frolicking alongside our ship years ago have had a NAME-CHANGE...they are now feferred to as  DOLPHINS  Wonder where all of the PORPOISES got to?


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