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If you were that police officer from Cambridge would you go?
Why? or Why not?

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Nope. I do not think any cop from any Dept. should go. The President and the professor made it larger than what it really should be. Now they are trying to cover their tracks and soften the words spoken about Cops. Well, considering obama just attacked a segment of society with one of the most powerful Unions around, do you think he should have just kept his mouth shut? Did you all hear his statement about if he walked on the White House lawn he would have just been shot?
Yes I know Tim, good point made here. Sounds like another slam to those who serve and protect. No I wouldn't go either they might put something in the KOOL-AID. The true colors of the CIC are going to come out as time goes on, it's a ploy to pit blacks agianst's going to set race reations back 50yrs if it hasn't done it already. We're just going to have to wait ans see.....
I was just thinking. If he [Cop] does accept this Beer offer, he should bring along his whole dept and any other LEO from around the Nation. If he goes alone, the whole thing will get washed out.
I,m sure the White House press corp will make a "Dog and Pony Show" out of the whole thing and wag the hell out of the dog. I just hope Obamster will overplay his hand look a fool.


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