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Sept 9 - 14 in Gurnee, IL.  See: BHR Reunion Page for details and contact information.

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I was on board the Bonny in 1964 thru 1967 two tours over to VN. Can only locate one shipment i Lancaster, PA another we knew has passed away. We're are all putting on mileage of late. Turned 68 and still working so that's not too bad. Was in the V4 Division with a bunch of swell guys. Had some great liberties got two tattoos but mostly I miss the water. At night when flight ops were over and the deck was quite - we'd lay on the deck and look straight up. All those stars. The best time was on a moonless night it was like you were inside a huge fishbowl - stars horizon to horizon. On those pitch black nights those stars were magnificant. I even liked it when we had rouigh seas that ship would pitch and yaw and roll left and right and I'd sleep like a baby. I have to admit mid-rats were my favorite time. The galley was quite and only the watch personnel would be on duty. No lines to get in the chow hall and the cooks we had were pretty good too.

The new Navy uniforms I can't get used to. Bell bottoms and white hats are sailors - the new stuff looks like there all Chiefs. We also didn't have an gals on board. Got an invite from the Navy to the commissioning of the LHD-6 ship. I don't recall if it had angle deck or not. Also got on board the Kitty and American. Big ships - the newer units are even larger. Ours were oil burners and we'd take on fuel every two or three days along with Av-gas and JP. Tough work on those days especially in rough seas.

Yea I have to say I miss those days there were short (now) and seem so long ago. But the memories are deep and engrained and I wouldn't trade them for nothing. I do believe we also had drafts on board who wouild really be unhappy. But after awhile they came around and kicked in full time like the enlisted guys. We had a good crew and a great skipper. Our Chiefs were the backbone of the fleet and I do believe they still are.

I salute all of you who've served and those who are currently on the waters. The US Navy will teach you skills that you can use in civy and that's no scuttle butt. While you're in - work hard read everything you need to know about the your job an volunter for other events that are offered. Teach others coming on board and keep them safe from getting hurt or killed while onboard.
I worked the flight deck for two years its fast and dangerous. But the addrellin rush you get when you are on the line and the jets are going and coming hour after hour is something you will never forget.

Stay Safe and God Speed

W.L. (aka the Boats)

Yep those were good days.

Wayne, checkout the  new information about the upcoming reunion in Tucson, Az. Hope you can make it.


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