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Achmed and Rajesh had to go to their family reunion on the other side of the desert, but they did not own a camel of their own and had to rent one from the camel rental in town.

The manager of the camel rental told them, "You will do fine on this camel, but when you arrive at the oasis halfway across the desert, you must make sure the camel drinks his fill of water."

The two agreed on the demand of the manager and they got on the camel and started out across the desert.

It was very hot and they soon got short on water and wondered how much longer it was to the oasis.  After three days, they saw the oasis and went to it..

Once there, they jumped off the camel and fell face first into the pond and began drinking water to quench their thirst.  The camel did not drink any water.

Rajesh says to Achmed, "Hey, the camel is not drinking any water.  We need to be sure he drinks his fill as the manager said."

Achmed agreed and they both went to the camel and led him to the pond, but the camel refused to drink.

Rajesh says, "We need to get him to drink!  How are we going to do this?"

Achmed thinks and after a while he responds, "I have an idea.  You grab the camel by the head and hold it under the water.  I will go behind the camel and suck on his backside to draw the water into the camel."

Rajesh thought this was a stellar idea and he grabbed the camel's head and forced it down under the water, meanwhile Achmed went behind the camel, moved its tail off to the side and began sucking on the camel's back end.

After about a half an hour, the camel grunts and forceably expels a large quantity of dung in Achmeds face.  It gets in his mouth, eyes, ears and up his nose.

Achmed comes out from behind the camel, wiping the dung out of his eyes and spitting it out of his mouth.

He says to Rajesh, " HEY, Pick his head up a bit. Were sucking mud!"


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