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I was stationed there at the hospital from August 1966 until March 1968. Would like to find out others, who might have been there the same time frame. Mike Thomson was there at that time. We got together over a year ago at his place in Florida. Had not seen him in 38 years. I worked in the pharmacy while at the hospital.

John Caudy

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Hey John!

>> Mike Thomson was there at that time

Yeah I was, and it was great to see ya last year. Hope you get back to Florida soon!

I was there July '67 through June '69. I was on flight status most of the time as a SAR Corpsman. That was more fun than a man should be allowed to have. For my "real job" I worked at the front desk for a while, down in the dungeon (supply in the basement) and then I worked for Dr. Paul Wilson, the station Flight Surgeon. He's from Arkansas and is an ophthalmologist back there now I understand. There's an eye doctor in St. Augustine who is also an Aviation Medical Examiner I met at the airport where I keep my airplane. Since he does the required medical exams for the FAA I started going to him since he's a nice guy. Where I found out he was from, and had gone to medical school at Arkansas I asked if, by chance, he knew Paul Wilson. "From Eldorado?" he asked. "Yes!" says I. "We shared an apartment during medical school!" Small world stuff.

I have, through the wonder of the internet made contact with a very few other people I knew there, including not only you but HM2 Frank Bartolotta who was the X-ray tech most of the time I was there. Dr. Dave Cross, who was a cardiologist, I've had occasional contact with through the years, he's retired in Vermont where he set up his practice after finishing up his Navy tour. Dave had heard from Dr. Siegel (SMO) and Melhorn (peds) fairly recently but other than that hasn't kept up with folks from Arg.

I've still got a few copies of "The Foghorn", the station newspaper, and a few pictures from those days, now 40 years ago . I'd love to hear from anybody else from our days on the Rock.

Oh, I've got another "airport bum" buddy now retired NWA Captain that was a P-2V Neptune pilot back in the '50s up there. VP-5 outta here in Jacksonville if memory serves. And, a young man I taught to fly years ago is now the LSO for CNATRA (Chief Naval Aviation Training) and he's taking me out to the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt in June for 3 days while students from Meridian and Kingsville do their initial carrier qualification. I'm pretty excited about "getting back in the Navy" for at least a few days .

Mike "Gunner" Thompson

Nice hearing from you. I was attached to the SAR also. If I remember we had to get 4 hours a month to collect flight pay. I have some pictures of me being hoisted up into a helicopter hanging on to a May West. Brings back a lot of memories. There was also an OR tech with me, his last name was Reynolds. Kind of a heavy set guy. Actually I have a picture of him, in the helicopter not feeling so well from the night before. Spent time in the P-3 Orion. We flew all over the island. Never got up in the seaplane.

Do you remember the VP Squadron number ? Was it 29 or 27. I cannot fine my flight hat that had the squadron name on it.

Hope to get to Florida again to see you. My wife has retired, and we spend most of the summer up in Manistee, on Lake Michigan. I am still working.

Talk to you again

I was on the rock from '59 to '63 and was the editor of "The Foghorn." We used to put it out in the old print shop. An old civilian, Mike Finnessy was head of the print shop. Maybe some of you might remember him.
Hey Joe!

>> Mike Finnessy was head of the print shop

I just went and got one of my surviving copies of "The Foghorn" - this one dated June 27, 1969 (probably the last edition before I left the Rock). The masthead proclaims that "F.F. Finecey" is the "Supervisor-in-Charge" of the publication. The editor is listed as "W.P. Fabry" and I don't remember either of them at this point. Looking through the rest of the papers I kept neither that name nor position appeared before early 1969. Not sure what that means...

Looking through them was fun though... the names, pictures, and articles triggered a lot of memories... thanks!

-= Mike "Gunner" Thompson =-
I remember Dr. Cross and Dr. Melhorn. I remember one time in ER, Dr. Cross drew fluid from his wife's knee. She had water on the knee, and he explained to me what he was doing. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Dr. Gary Novak died. He had a practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was an OB-GYN. He was there during my tour of duty. Myself and few of the other corpsman baby sat for Dr. Novak. He was not not much of a tipper, but at least it seem nice to be in a setting other than the hospital wing across from the galley where I lived for 2 years. I also have a copy of the Fog Horn. I will look for it. It mentioned my promotion to 2nd class, but I did not want to re-up so I turned it down. However, I got my 2nd class rating when I got back to the reserve center.

It would sure be nice someday to have a reunion in Argentia. But, the base as we know it is gone. Nice to hear from everyone.

>> Dr. Gary Novak died

I didn't know that either... bummer. He wasn't the greatest guy I ever served with but he mostly treated the Corpsmen OK.

All the "Foghorns" I kept were ones that had something about either Sandy or I in 'em I guess. I also kept a couple of copies of the St. Johns paper that had the story of that Czechoslovakian airliner that crashed departing Gander in September of '67. To be 40ish those things have survived pretty well... kinda like us I guess .

All of y'all have a good 'un and stay safe!

-= Mike "Gunner" Thompson =-


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