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In January of this year, the President signed legislation allowing veterans to salute the flag at parades, etc. This was mentioned in an article of my latest Fleet Reserve Association magazine. Unfortunately, I've "tossed" it and do not know the bill number, but it is for real.

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My first post as a member of Navy Vets. Since I been in a military and until now that I am a Vet. I do salute the Flag even when I am driving. Specially on holidays that they put Flags on the streets.

A couple of years back a very young sailor I knew was killed in a car accident coming home on leave. Permission from the president or not, I saluted that sailor as he lay in his coffin in full dress blues. His dad, (Marine but a nice guy anyway) thanked me for the respect to his son. When my father was interred at Riverside National Cemetery, the presiding chaplain invited all veterans present to render hand salute during the playing of "Taps."  I have never saluted as crisply as then nor perhaps will again.

Dave, I know what you mean! We have a 2-star on board the Slater and even though so many years have passed, I still have to put those two fingers to the brow! He keeps asking myself and others that since he is 84 and no longer active "would we please not salute and call him by his 1st name"! I told him that so long as he is covered with that command ball cap and I am too, I won't be able to oblige! He and all the other vets earned and deserve the respect! Now, there is the dilemma about what to do with our 90 year old Chief!!! If I salute him you know what he's gonna say!! So, just addressing him as "Chief" is the enlisted man's way of saluting a "working man"!

I find it truly sad that we legislate such things as saluting our flag. We should ALL pause and pay tribute to her everytime we see her.

Hi Julie,I fly my own flag...old glory...every day of the week,and tho I do not salute her each time I pass by,I  DO pause & think about everything she has gone thru,especially with TODAY'S politically correct "leaders" who would like to just stricken her FOREVER,as they are trying to with GOD...Not much can be said about her trials & tribs.that haven't already been discussed,but yeah,I do agree with's a sad,SAD America we live in.

   a  salute  to the colors does not requirer  legislation , formal  achnolegement  of the flag  is no differant  than puting your hand  over  your  heart , been  done  for  eaons the  civil  war ?

It used to be MANDATORY for sailors to salute the flag,even if they were on liberty,if they were outside when colors went down....We just turned & faced our ship where colors were being lowered  for the evening.....So,why does Obama sign legislature that "allows" sailors to salute the flag?

Sorry, but I don't care what Obama says!

I saluted my shipboard colors each& every time I crossed the quarterdeck to go ashore,and DON'T need Obama's or anybody else's permission to do what our forefathers have done long before our dear "leader" was born.

I do not believe obama is an american and therefore it makes no difference what he says. The problem in this country is not obama but the apathetic people who allowed him and others like him to enter office and to keep the lifers in office as well.

I don't need permission from anyone to show respect for my flag, my fellow veterans and for my country.I will salute when I feel it is appropriate, shake hands with any vet and die defending my right to do so if necessary.

God Bless America 

We all have a duty to God and Country. Obama and 75% of our elected officials are violating their oath and duty and this are nothing better than criminals and traitors.
You are right, till the apathetic elect good politicians, we will not turn the Country around.
Salute our flag, our veterans, and our country!

Reminds me of a line from "Fiddler on the roof"! "Where would we be without our traditions?"

Probably right about where we are right now! However, the bigger problem is what the younger generations are being taught (or not taught). That apathetic or "silent majority" better wake up soon!


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