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I've noticed that Yahoo! Groups has a great following of Navy Veterans. Virtually every command has a group in Yahoo. Ironically, some of Navy Vets best growth has come from Yahoo where someone mentioned it to the rest of their shipmates.

If you guys would, I'd love for you to promote within your Yahoo! group. It's not that I'm trying to hurt Yahoo!, I love what they've done. But the fact is that the more folks use that service, it's not going to ever end up helping a Vet. That goes for the other sites, too, like

If you promote in another site, let me know and I'll send you a gift from the Ship's Store.

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Another good place to promote Navy Vets is the signature on your email account. Think about how that can spread the word among the people in the address book including people you correspond with outside of circle of friends.

I currently promote on the following sites:

Hitechcreations forum Profile

In progress sites:

I have email signatures that link to here.

I was wondering if Ning has BBC codes on top of HTML. When you look at the Badges for supporting this site, they are all HTML and no BBC. BBC is used at most forums that allow you to make a profile. My XFire is BBC only and I have couple of other sites that do not use HTML. If possible could you see under site admin or contacting Ning about such codes?

Anyone else have ideas that has not been discussed on spreading the word?
Not sure on the BBC code, Tim. I'll need to check that out! I have also put it as a site in LinkedIN and recently joined the US Navy Veterans group. Some of our latest members have come from there.
Tim, send me an email and let me know how this is done, I've tried getting one of the badges off but can't seem to get them to a profile page,all I get is the link posted. Must be doing something wrong??? Blue
I've tried em all...HOTMAIL....WINDOWS LIVE....AOL....I don't think either of those can come close to what YAHOO does...AOL has a bad habit of making decisions for their users...HOTMAIL and WINDOWS LIVE are so slow it's pathetic...slow on the in coming and incoming mail...
Thanks Philip! Too cool!
I have promoted on American Cold War Veterans forum
on my blog
which is picked up by bloglog, blogcatalog, facebook, twitter, linkedin and a bunch of search engines.

Doug I just added navyvets to my yahoo groups page hope this will help us get the word out to more vets like us.


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