David De Rooy posted a status
May 20, 2023
Some of the memories I have from my time on the ship are while standing at the rail while anchored or tied to a pier. Once we were running a amphibious exercise a few hundred yards from shore on a small Island in the PhiIlipines
was leaning on a rail in the catwalk and looked down and saw a huge fish swimming next to the ship. it looked to be at least six feet long and I thought it could be a Barracuda but wasn't sure.
Another time we were in Japan, at the pier. it was early in the day and there was a lot of activity from small boats leaving the harbor. One boat with only one person aboard was passing by as I watched the man left the rudder and went to the stern and dropped his pants and squatted near the edge, dropped a "deuce" and without any wiping he pulled up his pants and went back to his steering. After I wondered if we, a Navy ship, were being insulted by this display. I wouldn't blame the Japanese for being a little sore still, about the wars ending.
aboard USS Vancouver LPD2 1971

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