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  • Robert

     Norm Atwater(HTCS) here i see your post lots of memories from that ship. We were lucky that Duncan did what he did he should have been put in for some recognition of some kind.  We were lucky as heck as the AFF line going down into the fire room let go and that helped put the fire out. I can remember i was in DC central when it happened and ICC Chuck Gaetano had the watch. When i arrived in the passage way of #2 fire room we were trying to close valves to secure the boiler and was running out of hydraulic oil in the system as there was also a leak in the piping  and was poring oil into the system with 5 gal cans some one from A gang brought to us. We did manage to get them closed. If there was a entrance on the upper level of the fire room into the escape hatch Duncan might had had a chance. Ltjg Chetelat R Div Officer  never stayed at Repair 5  and was one of the first to go down in the fireroom . I stay in touch with him today  he retired  as CDR gave up the ships and went into the C Bees he lives in Fla now. 

    I see you do not live to far from me i now live in Anderson SC off exit 19 on interstate 85  i retired in 84 from USN  so if you are ever coming this way stop by the coffee is on  and we can tell about the good times 864-221-6035    (  

    The Albany has a Albany Organization i use to belong to it never did go to the annual get-togethers you can Google it .

    Being a snipe i don't know the guy you are looking for but there is a website called  together  we served navy that he might be on also Facebook (i am not on it get into trouble)  

    I was looking for your mug shot in the 75 Nato Cruise book but did not see it what Div were you in? 

    Ok take care just wanted to drop a note to you   Norm

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