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  • On another note, my biggest regret is that I did not stay in the Reserves for 16 more years. I always say that if I had one thing to do over again, that would be it. For various reasons I didn’t and for various reasons it would have helped today. 

  • Thank you for the welcome, I certainly enjoy your page and posts. Very much appreciated. 

  • Amen to that. Good to see you back in action.

  • 8/29/2016 Jerry...hope all is ok with you...haven't seen the Chaplains corner now for 2 weeks and concerned you may be falling on hard times.  Hope nothing major going on. 

  • Ya, those employees destroying veterans Heath records are veterans also, very sad .. Stabbing our own in the back for a government job..
  • There's no need to thank me for my friendship Chaplan, it's more than my pleasure.

    If more people would treat people more like human beings and be respectful of the 

    fact a friendship is not something you should take lightly but cherish whenever you

    can make a true friend.  Nowa days people have no idea what the word means let alone

    stick around for the full journey, instead they'd rather judge you to make them feel

    good and walk away... it's why at one point I stoppped trying but knew that wasn't

    me so continued on the path I started. It's difficult to stop and think  the possibility

    of dying alone because of the way people are, but I thought in order to have a peaceful

    exit from this world it was best to take what people I do meet along the way and help possibly to heal they're hurt in order to beleive again in people and just maybe catch

    that one friend that can still appreciate the one human being trying to help them.

    At first it scared me to dye alone, literally, but then if your at peace with with yourself

    and have God within and understand once you have that, that the rest God will take carre of... it is his temple, creation and his children. I digress... sorry.  But hopefully

    I can remember to come back and chat again.  have a blessed New year and thank

    you for your friendship MR. Ballard, Chaplan.   =0 )


  • Nice to meet you Jerry. I bump into a former Connie shipmate every once in awhile. I will admit, the 4 1/2 years I was on that ship were the best times I've ever had! I look forward to meeting up with you one day, maybe over a brew. Take care.

  • Having been in the PRINT SHOP on PRAIRIE - I "many times" had to go to the PH's and have them take pictures for the SHIP's Paper...

    At this very moment - I still have a KODAK SPEED GRAPHIC that I cumshawed from the PH guys..

    While I was stationed at  WHIDBEY ISLAND - I was on the STAFF in the PIO Ofice..and was the BASE PHOTOGRAPHER with the Speed Graphic. As well as a News writer..Down town in Oak Harbor..I used the Paper there..OAK HARBOR do a lot of my darkroom work - and set up the pages of our Paper..Alice Ells was my great helper...She was a reporter there. Super days for sure..and never to be seen again in this crazy world...

  • Another thing.. The Birth of CHRIST is coming up soon...and aboard PRAIRIE .. there was always a Great Honoring of this very special day... Remember is not the BIRTH OF ALLAH being celebrated..but THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST..... Never forget that.. Not like in our WHITE HOUSE..

  • Hi Jerry.. I was on here the WESTPAC of 1979..and was in R5 also..

    I ran the PRINT SHOP...when the Chief in there left..and then was the CMAA ...and also !!...ran the ARMORY...since I had so much weapons and Rifle/Pisto Range experience.

    Enjoyed being CMAA the most....LOTS of fun...and had great people working with well as the ARMS ROOM...The print shop never did impress me..until her overhaul...


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