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  •  Hey Emmet, I want to move to Philadelphia,Pa. Do you know of a nice place,inside the city?. Chris 2019.

  •  Thank you, Emmet, Chris , USS INDEPENDENCE CV-62.(86 - 90). PHILADELPHIA,PA. Navy, Shipyard.

  • Thank you. I was on the Kennedy 50 years ago !

  • Thank you Emmet.
  • Thank you. 

  • I served from 1976 to 1979 aboard the USS HOLLAND AS-32 3rd DIV Hull Tech small boat Scotland any one out there?

  • Hello Emmet. My Dad's older brother was in the Navy Reserves between 1942 and 1944. In September 1944 he received his commission as a flight aviator and ensing. While still training in cecil Navy base, on November 13 he crash and was kill . I have information about what happen. Is there a place at the base that honors service men who were kill 

  • Thank you sir, good to be aboard.

  • Thank you!!

  • Hello, Emmet:

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

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