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  • Hey. I remember standing a lot of underway bridge watches. It was always REAL FUN during bad weather. Hurricanes were the best times. We used to tie ourselves onto the (boat housing?) on the fantail during heavy seas while on watch. And trying to stand watch as helmsman during rough seas was definetly a task. Of course we always managed to make it fun. We stood two watches every day plus worked a 12 hour day to boot. It was always great to pull into port. I wonder how many bars we were kicked out of due to bar brawls? The biggest bar fight I can remember was in Rota, Spain at the EM Club. I think there were more than 1000 men inside that night. What a riot! What were those buckets of alcohol called?
    It's always good to talk with Sparkle "C" crew members.
  • Welcome Aboard Moore! Thanks for your service in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
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