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  • hi angelo,hows the last 30yrs,looks likeu r doing well, congrats on your rank seems to agree with u and you deserved it,i least u dont have r knapp sleeping below u any more, with his father being a caree man none of it wore off,take ang, ps where are you sta now?
  • Mac, lost my cell need ur no. pls. mine 707 853-0355.
  • Thanks Angelo.  Be sure to contact Bob Moore (his number and email is posted).  Also let others know your intent by selecting the appropriate RSVP under the EVENTS schedule.

    If you have knowledge of former VA-85 shipmates, pass the word or let me know of them.  I'll attempt to contact them.  I would like to get in touch with Dave Adams (Yard-dog), Paul Delander (Ardvark), Randy Sevitz, Gary Pugh, Otto (is it Larry?), Bob Eschner and several other if possible.

    Happy New Year!

  • Angelo been talking to Ben Kalu says hes been in contact with you and you are planning the reunion I think it will be great if we get as many as we can he says he has to wait for his vacation bid to see if he gets it off sure hope so we may not do it agin its only been 30 yrs.Have a merry xmas mitch
  • Angelo,

    I hope you're doing well and able to enjoy the holidays.  Reunion looks like a go in Sept 2011.  Sure hope to see you sometime,

  • Hey Angelo remember me I think i ran into you at a mall down in va beach years ago after I got out and was back visiting you were in the line when Otto was there think you were second class back then good to see you on the site Mitch
  • Hi Angelo,
    It's good to hear from you once again. I am originally from Ohio; Cleveland area. After I separated, I returned to Cleveland then moved to Pittsburgh for a couple of years while attending school (A&P license) and eventually was offered employment in Columbus (1982). At the time, I really liked it here and was still able to visit family since Cleveland is about a 2-1/2 hr drive. Long story short, I met wife and settled here. Although I'm no longer working in aviation, life's been good so far. I'm on top of the ground, not dependent on health care facilities and continue to consume what I please. I plan to remain in Columbus for awhile longer as we still have one kid entering high school, another starting college locally, and aging parents nearby. Needless to say, vacations are always something to look forward to.
  • So Mac, wha r u doing now? Did I tell U i spoke with Kunkel on th phone bout 2 wees ago?
    really glad to hear from U. have a picture of whn we wer in Las Vegas @ Red Flag, member that?
    so Mac my cell no. 707 853-0355. OK talk to you then.
  • Hey Angelo,
    Ben Kalu here, don't know remember me, but we come a long way from VA-85. Last time I saw you was around 1981, in Oceana, you reenlisted for shore duty. How's everything? So you're in Indiana, I'm here in California since 1985, married with children, love to hear from you Mac, Have a few pics of the VA-85 line crew you included. Also a picture in Vegas in 1979 Red Flag, remember that? Anyway,nice t hear from you man.
  • Angelo,
    Glad to see you here on NavyVets and welcome to VA-85. I'm sure you'll recognize a few names and enjoy reviewing some pics and comments. If you have any that you would like to share, feel free to post them. You might want to chime in on some of the sea stories as well. -Al
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