what brings me here? lol

I am not even sure i can answer that with a straigh face, this has been a long week lol.i suppose that i am in hopes that no-one ever reads this, as lol prolly should not be read.step grandmother has been in hospital for a month now give or take a few days, 6th surgury in 3 weeks later today.EX gfs dad just passed away, he was a CWO, his living room is a monumnet to a life served in the military and specially the Navy. He died on wensday, for those that want to know.I had been looking for information to help out the family, me and the ex do still talk alot, and I had came across this site. so I joined not only in hopes of helping them, but maybe in some ways of helping myself now that i have seen some of the people here and how they do things.seems in the true nature of the Navy and shipmates, that we are again a community. ohh and i have to say this,, politicians are idiots for getting rid of battle ships,, nothing is better then the Big guns.In the back of my mind is the idea that our Country is great, that our people are great, yet somehow the gov seems to have forgotten that. I do not mean this to be a political post, yet we all took the same Oath. part of that was to defend our country from all threats foreign and domestic.all my family has been in the military,, well till me and my brother, dad was pretty agienst it. dad was army,, yes i will take the boos for that one lol. uncles where allso army, on the flip side we had alot that were Navy as well. my grandmother used to have a siren from midway, she donated that to a local firestation next to where she lived.not sure where this is going, i love my country, i love the people here, not everyone is bad, evil, corrupt, or wrong, well cept for politicans lol.i want to say a big thank you, to all that came before me and those that come after me, without you and your courage, we would not stand today, and we will need that same courage to keep standing, as we are a nation of greatness.lol maybe someday that will be a famouse quoate lol
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  • Let it be known that we Molders do not discriminate. We welcome everyone who has the urge to lighten their load, or just sit and spin a seatale or two. Welcome to our humble site.
  • I know this is late but, Welcome Aboard Shipmate. Cop a squat and enjoy your stay.
  • It is always good to talk about whatever is bugging you. I hope your step grandmother is doing better soon, and I am sorry for the loss of the CWO. Stay strong!
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