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   For folks who want to recreate the Navy experience or have a bit of history, the company who manufactured dungarees for the U.S. Navy is selling off their surplus stocks of dungaree shirts and bellbottom pants. These are "new old stock" that have been sitting around in storage ever since the Navy began implementing new working uniforms.

   I discovered  while trying to find a source of boot camp dungarees to aid me in writing about my boot camp experiences in San Diego during late 1970.


   -- Pat Henderson (AW1–ret.)


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  • Where can I get a regulation set of Dress Blues. Next year I am going to be part of a military Honor Guard. There is absolutely no way that I will EVER fit into my old set. back then I was 150 lbs. and now I am 200. Get my drift. Any one that has a clue as to where I can go to get a set, let me know. I'm in Virginia.

  • Is this site an offshoot of Navy TWS?????

  • So.....where do I find out how to get a hold of some jeans and shirts???????

  • Seafarer's pretty much kaput.

    No one answers their listed phone number and their distribution warehouse is up for sale.

  • I know it's been a while since you posted this! But, they still have a lot of inventory!

    I have spoken with the owner of Seafarer. His company had been making Navy uniforms for generations! He has all but been put out of business. Turns out the new uniforms are being assembled by federal prisoners! By the way, he still has thousands of the old style Chambray shirt as well. You can't beat the price. Everyone should grab up at least one for they will soon be just history!

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