USS Racine LST1191

The Peoria was one of the ships in COMPHIBRON 1 as well as my ship the USS Vancouver LPD2. We went on westpac cruises together

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  • Thanks Danny, Not all of us can remember so good. So it was the Frederick LST1184 and the Peoria LST 1183. That sounds right

  • It was the U.S.S. Fredrick, LST 1184.

  • My mistake it wasn't the Raleigh. I will check the ships log and find the other LST. The Raleigh was LPD 1.

  • It was the Mighty Van, Thomaston, Iwo Jima. Normally it would have been the New Orleans but she was picking up Astronauts. The N.O. relieved The Iwo later that  tour. The Peoria was one of the LSTs and Raleigh was the second. I think this is correct, I could be mistaken since it was almost half a century ago.

  • USS Racine  LST 1191

  • You're right Juan. I apparently used an improperly tagged photo that I got from another "unreliable" source. In 71 I was on the USS Vancouver as part of COMPHIBRON 1 along with a couple LST an LSD and LPH I was thinking one of the LST's was the Peoria  ??

  • Hi , the Peoria was LST 1183 and while I was there and part of Amphibious Squadron 7

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