Navy Boot Camp

Taken between the 4006 and 4007 Barracks at Camp Nimitz in April 1968. The USMC chain link fence was just behind the vending machines. We would be drinking cold pop while watching the Marines running with full packs on the other side of the fence in sunny California.

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  • I was on the top deck in the barracks on the left side in this photo.  It was at the end of the San Diego airport runway.  One day I was up there and I heard a loud roar and the building shook.  The watch yelled EARTHQUAKE!

    I made it down the rear ladder in 3 jumps and held on to the wash line poll to keep standing.


  • I was in the top deck of the new barracks on Camp Nimitz (Worm Island) and we would watch the Marines running in sweats out behind the barracks.   I was in Boot in July-August-September of 1971 and a few yards behind the formations of Marines was a meat wagon to pick up the ones who passed out.  Glad I was in the Navy then! (Co.214)

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