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Naval Hospital, Orlando FL

he Hospital's combined medical and dental staff of over 400 supported the Naval Training Center and other military installations in the Central Florida region, as well as dependents and retirees.

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Comment by Frank Morelli on May 27, 2014 at 7:52pm
David , I got to the Hospital Sept of '68 .Discharged Oct '69 .Memorial Day May 30 Friday , A bunch of us went to Melbourne Beach ( Indian
Atlantic for the long week end .The rip tides were bad when we got there .Two Dental Techs went out on rafts and got caught in the current .Me ,Answered the call . Got to them and nearly drowned my self .One of the guys pulled me ashore .Intensive care at Patrick AFB
Then re-Hab ( Salt Water ) Digestion .The girls were okay .What a memory every Memorial Day I remember the taste of Salt Water and yes the blowing up of gloves you just mentioned .
Comment by David B. Murphy on May 27, 2014 at 7:22pm

Short Sea Story. I worked for LCDR Bobby Sharp, Dental Corps for awhile. Recruits identified as having oral hygiene issues were filtered out and eventually paid us a visit for counseling. LCDR Sharp being a good 'ole boy from Alabama would refer to bacteria as "bugs". He would have the patient in the chair, take a smear from the guy's mouth and have me set up a slide in the phase contrast microscope so the patient could see all the "bugs" in his mouth.  Well, I was suspicious that perhaps these guys were not really impressed with the bacteria. Now keep in mind that two steps out the door from our office in that old WWII complex was lots of good Florida foilage and you also know Florida is overrun with just about every kind of insect you can imagine -- and some you can't. So, I managed to collect some of the tinyest, meanist looking specimens -- real bugs -- I could find and put THOSE under the cover slip for the recruit to see. I guarantee you those boys definitely brushed their teeth vigorously after that.

Comment by David B. Murphy on May 27, 2014 at 7:07pm

DT2 at NAVHOSPORL from May 1968 - Aug 1970. I was stationed down the road at Sanford NAS and got orders to Orlando when Sanford closed. When I got there it was still Orlando AFB and since they initially sent more Dental Techs than Corpsman I wound up working for MSGT Hunt in the pharmacy filling perscriptions as a Dental Tech. Chief Charette was our Educational PO and got me started on the road to my college degree. Anyone remember the time we started blowing up dozens of surgical gloves from the helium tanks stored in the dental repair section?  I confess I started the whole thing since I was working in dental repair at the time with Art Eady. Still have my plank owner certificate. Memories....

Comment by Frank Morelli on May 24, 2014 at 4:44pm
Crazy times but the best time of my tour .Blue Parrot a high light and Club Juana .Week ends at Cocoa Beach sand dunes .Chow hall Mess officer gave us food for the week end .Hamburg Hot Dogs the works .
I drove that big stake truck to Jax .Picked up an AC unit , Turned the corner in Casselberry the dang thing flipped resting on the stakes .Emrr lights the rest of the way .Pulled in the back parked against the Wall .We got it off early the next day .Last day backed the Ambu up in the ER front fender clipped the newly placed guard around the fire
SP said I was going to have stay until a complete investigation was made Send me a bill I am out of here Chief Fennell ring a bell ? great guy .
Comment by Joseph Pelot on May 24, 2014 at 4:10pm
I went in in May 1970 but didn't go to Nam. Packed out a couple of times with 1/12 in Kaneohe, Hi, but always cancelled. I drove those gray Pontiac Metropolitan ambulances, made a few life an death ones out in town until we got the vans. Went to Daytona once to pick up an overdosed/drunk Marine. He was sedated when we put him in the Metro, and restrained. On the way bak, he broke the restraints, kicked the crap out of the attendant, and busted the windows in the back. When we got back, i told the doc, if he wanted him out of the amb., he could do it himself or find someone to shoot him.. Made the runs to the bb in orlando too. Looks like we covered some of the same ground.
Comment by Frank Morelli on May 24, 2014 at 10:44am
Joe ,I scrolled to a post of the "grey ghost " We had 3 rolled one .Had a Dodge and used a Chevy pu truck with a red light no siren to make
Emergency Blood Runs to the Blood Bank ..Scary times driving Thst .
My First Am run pu a civilian kid at Herndon Ap shot himself in the
Head .Still alive .Hit the reverse middle lane on South Blvd to Orange ave .100 mph .PT still alive score one for the home team .
Need to figure out how to scan pic .have the Ambul and Softball team barracks 3129 still standing .I was in the PO barracks near The golf course.A lot of laughs last week meeting three of The guys !!
Comment by Frank Morelli on May 24, 2014 at 10:24am
Joe I have pictures don't know how to post .Most of us were discharged Oct 31 '69 .Rob Atwood rolled the new Pontiac Ambulance .We Also drove the Chrvy pu red light for Blood Runs to the Blood Bank at Orange Memorial .I live on the west Coast of Fl
Go to Orlando frequently .Our time we as Nam Vets left a legacy .
A lot of laughs last week pictures of us etc ,
Comment by Joseph Pelot on May 24, 2014 at 9:30am
My first tour there, i didn't get there till Dec. 71, worked the ortho ward. Went to transportation around 1973. The name rick Souza rings a bell but all these years, i cant place anyone without a picture. Later in life, second tour, 1976-77, was at the Recruit Dispensary. We had a softball team. Cant remember all their names either, Larry Brown, Frank Farris, myself and ? Stormin' Norman ?
Comment by Frank Morelli on May 24, 2014 at 8:46am
Our Champion Softball Team Hm3 Frank Morelli .Hm3 Steve Cox ,
HMC Gordon Moreland ,HM2 Jim Hodge ,HM3 Dennis Scheuerman
HN Johnson ,HM2Sullivan,HM3 Zimmerman,HM3 John Cully
HM2Hoody HM3 Rick Souza ,HM3Robert Atwood ,HM3 Johnson
HM3 Brennan Dr Robert Kraupolis , Capt W..G.Lawson Honary
Coach 15-6 Record 5 straight play off wins
Comment by Frank Morelli on May 24, 2014 at 8:30am
I served at the Hospital Sept '68 discharged Oct 31,1969
My wife who I met there served June '69- thru Juky 70
I worked in transportation my wife worked in OB .We married June '70
I was on the hospital softball team winning the Championship in '69
Captain Lawson and Commander Wells were our superior Officers .
We had ten 'Nam Vets among us .May 2014 four of us re-united plus my wife who had recently retired as an RN after 32 years .

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