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Naval Air Technical Training Command (NATTC) Memphis, Tennessee

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Comment by Ronald Gienger on September 29, 2015 at 4:13pm

Went to Memphis after boot camp in San Diego A-Fun P school then emergency leave for three weeks when sister in law died and first son was born then back to ADR A school and wouldn't you know it orders to Northside NAS Memphis, better than being sent to Vietnam though!!

Comment by William A. Whisenant, Jr on December 24, 2014 at 11:42pm

Merry Christmas to all you Navy Veteran's out there.

Comment by Christopher Robin Workmon on December 17, 2014 at 11:08am

Like many others from the West, Memphis was a bit of a geographical and cultural shock for a kid that never left the state yet. Jun 24, 1971, six in the morning in Fresno CA. A bright clear blue crisp 58 degrees, made those nice new tailored Blue wools feel real good! Getting on the plane and waving bye to the family the Young fledgling sailor off to see the world..well starting with Memphis. Expectations were high on that cold dry plane ride across the Country. Touched down in the land of blues, (to steal an expression), around 1 pm. After 4-5 hours in the dehydration of the planes AC, gathered my orders and stuff and was making my way down the aisle to see the New World... (Memphis 1971 does not have Jetway ramps yet just a ladder to the tarmac and walk to the terminal, hell, neither did Fresno, that's why I remember how pretty it was.). As I stepped in the door of the plane I saw a grey glaring haze and as stepped out on to the Ladder.... My nice crisp blue wools went, WET!! I had no concept of Miss. River Valley humidity, never even really thought about the word.. On the bus to Millington up old 51 for 15 miles of nothing but jungle on both sides of the road. (Where is this place??)

Actually because it was still a reasonable hour of the day, checking in was not too bad, no one screaming like the first night of boot. One night in transit barracks and I think the following day was Friday. I had my barracks assignment and went straight there, the head compartment cleaner brought me to the Chief and processed me, got my rack and locker and cube in this WWII building, which I could tell by the look. I remember thinking while the guy was talking, "this place looks like a museum, old and original but looked like they finished building it yesterday. My first glimpse of constant Navy maintenance. I did come back to listening to the fella when he said "Careful with yer butts, these buildings are tinderboxes with a three minute ignition to on the ground rating...."! Must have been Friday cause he said I'd be assigned to him for Compartment Cleaning,(CC) Starting Monday till I got my school or transferred somewhere.. He'd been waiting 3 months...? Head CC was sort of his Anyway I had the weekend to gather myself to this new world about to begin. I'll stop here for now with time on my hands I walked around the base to the front gate and across the road to the airfield still amazed that I was allowed to go anywhere on a military base and walked out on to the ramp and by the hangers and right up to the planes. I could have easily been in one of those pictures taken by anybody of the P-2's from the summer of '71,I saw posted here. And this is the most poignant memory of that day.. While I was sitting off edge of the ramp having a cigarette and watching planes come and go.. a taxiing T-33 turned on the ramp not too far away, right in front of me to go out. As he made the turn the jet exhaust washed over me and the turned the world for a moment to an envelope of spent JP-4..... I have never been the same since for the rest of my life! I watched till he lifted off the runway going "somewhere", and started walking back to the Barrack thinking, "I have no idea what's coming in the next months, but it will be ok as long as I'm around Airplanes! ....more another day. CW

Comment by Christopher Robin Workmon on December 17, 2014 at 9:46am

After RTC San Diego Boot leave attended the prelim's and ADJ A, 24 Jun 71 till late Sep. In Boot as in School, I was amazed how random "Dream" sheets truly are. In Boot I asked for CB Heavy Equip Mechanic. I'd been a Mechanic from a very early age due to necessity and I thought, this will be good way to move up from "Car Mechanic" to a later well paying career. Boot detailer looked at me and said, "Son, do you know a Congressman?". Surprised I said, "No, I'm not anybody or know anyone! Why?". He said that is was just that CB is a small population group and hard to get in. Then told me, "It's your dream sheet and I can't tell you what to put... but definitely make your second choice something you may like!". Looking through the book I saw Aviation Machinist Mate... Hmm.. Can't hurt, what chance of that happening.. I can't remember the third choice.

 When Orders came I was absolutely shocked, ADJ A NATTC MEMPHIS. ?What have I gotten myself into? Really Jet engines.. My eldest brother, a black shoe ET that did his entire 4 yrs. aboard the Saratoga, was tearing his lapel and cutting my end off the table at home.. after he asked me "What's your duty?" and I said Memphis Tenn....I believe his comment was: " A F#@KING AIRDALE???!!!"...."Those guys steal anything not nailed down!"

Comment by Jim Manner on December 12, 2014 at 12:56pm

As I recall this was the "bible" at circa 1960 NATTC AT "A" school. Been there, done that. Anybody remember this?

Comment by Donald J. Milton on December 4, 2014 at 7:57pm

After boot leave in December of 1967, I went to NATTC Memphis.My orders out of boot camp had me as AA ( ATN ).That didn't happen . I ended up an AQF and graduated August 22, 1968.I went to NAS Whidbey Island TAD to VA-128 before joining VA-52 on station aboard the USS Coral Sea in Feb 1969.While at NATTC Memphis I worked in the scullery at the Marine Galley. I think I might have replaced McTigue when he left to go to school.

Comment by DALE MICHAEL LLOYD on December 3, 2014 at 9:44pm

Went to ADJ A School in late 1967 had many Jarhead buddies as well as Squids. I woould love to hear from any who might remember me from there.

Comment by AL Nord on September 17, 2014 at 12:22pm

I attended ADJ A school and TD A school training here and I learned a lot about jet mechanics and electronic training to become a TD.  I attended the TD A school as a ADJ-2 and it was a proud moment when graduating I became a TD-2. Being a fleet sailor I didn't march in formation and was tasked with marching my group to school every day. I soon assigned one of the Waves to march the group and the other E-4 and myself followed the formation in step of course. the Wave I picked was always the same person but nobody complained .


Comment by Shane Wilson on August 7, 2014 at 11:42pm
Attended AD 'A' School in August 1991.
Comment by Glenn Duffy on April 14, 2014 at 7:08am
Attended AT 'A' school April to September 1959.

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