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My dad who turns 95 this year was on the BB 43 (Tennessee) as a gunners mate. He was a loader in the 16” guns and also in the 20mm & 40’s. 21 engagements against the Japs and he only had 4 ribbons. I used to attend his reunion but most are gone now.

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Tag at sea

Russian cruiser playing tag with USS Enterprise CVAN-65 in Bay of Bengal during Indo-Pakistani war 1971. Took this photo from atop the island. I wonder how close that Russian warship came to being sunk by one of our subs. I understand there were Rus

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NRMC Newport RI

I had the good fortune to be stationed in Newport at the NRMC.  I worked psych and am wondering if anyone else served 1975-1978.  Went back to visit, the hospital is closed and vacant.  Sad.

HM2 Phil Upham 

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My cruise w/USS FORRESTAL was my first and only...and went up to the FD after a launch and asked one one of the FDC guys if it was ok...he sez "sure but you got to clear the deck before recoveries begin.No problem....Stayed in the catwalk and when th

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When I arrived at Gt.Lakes @ March 62' ALL recruits were considered maggots,and whoever your Daddy was didn't mean anything.

Some guys couldn't handle it they were set back @ 2 weeks and if they still couldn't get it together they were kicked out.


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