What Have You Tossed?

What have you thrown overboard while underway, that you didn't want anymore?  

I tossed my soaked, smelly, greasy, grimy dungarees, that I wore during the shellback initiation over the side afterwards.   

I wonder how long they floated out there. 

Oh wow-   I think my name was on those dungarees.  Will I get in trouble if somebody finds them?

Oh wait-   that was 43 years ago.  

Never mind.


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    • This one?


      • When we were at sea mucking tanks on the Pawcatuck, used to dump the oil "sludge" from the black oil tanks over the side.  We never mucked tanks in port..only at sea and it always went over the side.  That was over 50 years ago so I guess the ocean "absorbed" all of it by now.

        • Was it absorbed Leonard?  Was it really?

           Here's proof it wasn't.


  • I had a Kodak instamatic 104 camera that I got for a birthday or a Christmas gift when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  It used 126 cartridge film and flash cubes.  I took a LOT of pictures with that thing, all over WESPAC and the US of A, High School and family reunions etc, etc...

    One day, it decided to quit working.

    I "Buried it at Sea" somewhere between Japan and the United States.  Went back on the fantail while underway and threw that thing as hard as I could out into oblivion...

    It did not float very long.  I don't give a rip if it had my name on it or not.  I hope a hermit crab is using it as a new home.

    I bought a new Minolta 16QT camera and took a LOT of pictures with that little bastard until it went obsolete and I couldn't even get film for it any more.  I still have it and a bunch of undeveloped film I need to get processed.  Some places want $200.00 to $400.00 bucks to do the job for me....I have the whole system of Minolta 16QT camera and equipment in a neat little carry bag.  Just as a collectors item now.

    All the digital stuff out there now, hell, I can even take pictures with my phone....

  • I bet if you had tied a line on your dungarees and let them drag behind while under way, they would probably come out clean, that thrashing and salt water does wonders. Ron Brabbin

    • I'll probably need a least 50' of chow line for that.

      • with maybe a dozen double over-and-under SQUARE KNOTS tied to the 50' of chow line,and probably ought to consider either a LEFT-HANDED or RIGHT-HANDED freshly painted HAZE GREY  SEA MONKEY WRENCH,just for good measure....Always good to do it right the first time,know what I mean?

        • The only knots I knew were suture knots.  But I also remember this Knotts.



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