What Have You Tossed?

What have you thrown overboard while underway, that you didn't want anymore?  

I tossed my soaked, smelly, greasy, grimy dungarees, that I wore during the shellback initiation over the side afterwards.   

I wonder how long they floated out there. 

Oh wow-   I think my name was on those dungarees.  Will I get in trouble if somebody finds them?

Oh wait-   that was 43 years ago.  

Never mind.


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  • An impossible knot...  had a young man walk up to me in the smoke pit one afternoon and ask to bum a smoke, I said, "No problem but you gotta untie an impossible knot first."  He said "there's no such thing, any knot that can be tied, can be un-tied."  So I took out a washer and a small piece of line I had in my pocket, tied a granny knot through the washer and threw it over the side... the look on his face was priceless as he watched it sink and the realization that it truely was an impossible knot set in.  For the entertainment value alone I gave him a smoke...

  • Didn't you ever see a Corspman type? Injections, yes, catheters, yes sutures, mabye! But, typing? No way!

    Where were most of the erors and problems in your service record? Why the Medical Records, of course!

    • YES!!!  I had to stay in Sandego and get a whole new med record including shots before I could entertain my adventure to get to my ship in WESPAC only to find my ORIGINAL med record was ALREADY THERE!!!   Don't try and feed us crap about you Corpsmen's need to feed a typing fetish!!


  • Does a "Dear John" letter,and a bunch of love letters count?

  • Prop wash? on a DE? You got me on that one!

  • OK, so it is only so so! I will only use it to replicate the authentic documents that were aboard! But.....

    now that I missed Ship's Movement again and I am UA, the typewriter and my ship are about a hundred miles down the Hudson now! I just hope someone on board doesn't toss the thing over! Those are hard to find! Thanks to a Yeoman's temper!


  • Well YM3 Kirker, if you ever get the urge we have one onboard you can borrow!


  • I remember these.  Always got my fingers stuck between the keys.  

    And even worse, this.


  • Gosh.  I hope a whale didn't eat them.  But probably not.  Those trousers could be a navigational hazard tho.

  • Bought a Omega watch on R&R in Hong Kong, only a few weeks later back in the gulf of Tonkin, my boat rolled while alongside a ship and when I reached out to brace myself, I smacked it against the hull of the ship. Broke the crystal.
    I pitched it over the side! Paid about 300 for it (2000 in today's $)
    Money didn't mean much back then, single, in Nam, with R&R only 3-4 times a year, and nothing to blow money on until the next R&R.
    What the hell, just let my pay build back up on the books and go get another one! But actually I didn't, bought a Nikon camera instead - still have it!
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