v.a. disability

i myself feel the v.a. is giving us vets a bumb rap i ret in 99 and been fighting them ever since then the c.m.p. so called dr's dont have a clue i think this is B.S. in march this year 2012 i was perminitly disable by my v.a. dr for C.O.P.D. plus on oxygen (not service connected) but in early years in my navy days in 77 i was exsposed to asbestoes but not in med record i was on an old ship orion as-18, any way i can not work no more living on E-6 PENSION AND ONLY 40% DISABLED BY V.A. i gave 21 years of service where is my help when needed any help is greatly wellcome thank you, p.s. ive sence appled for s.s.d. but as we all know it takes along time which again i think is B.S.

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      • jerry how u do that I need same for the Charleston s.c. & Columbia s.c.

        • Discussion posted with many Graphics targeted to those two cities you requested

          Charleston S.C. and also Columbia S.C.  They should appear when you go to Goggle in 4-7 days and type in the following:

          1. Veterans administration Charleston S.C. and click on images

          2. Veterans administration Columbia S.C.  and click on images

          Glad to help you Shipmate. Need any graphics let me know and feel free to pass on and copy and paste mine if you choose to

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  • always duplicate anything you send to the v.a.---always use certified return mail.you will be surprised how they will tell you they never recieved your mail.

  • In 1986 while on active duty i had a tumor removed (Meso). I retired in 1992, but didn't put in for disability until 2008. Only reason I received my 100% was because when I retired I copied all my medical records. Took me only six months to get my claim! In 2006 I order a copy of my medical record to see what was there, they responded saying ther had been a fire and all my records had been destroyed. When I tried to get my Dad's records they said the same thing. Seems funny that this has happened to other veterens also!!!

    • oh yes when i ret. in 99 i did the same i was lucky to be able to copy my records i made a few copy highly recommend all do the same if possible. and when u get out go to your local v.a. rep. in your town.

  • i think we all have something in common i have been denied twice by the va.been emailing senatos an congressman ,i was on the point  defiance 73-76 they had just got back from nam and was on recall.found out my ship was built with asbestos products, have sleep apnea and somthing else that causes my lungs not function right,a doc told me copd picture which tells me it looks like it but isn't.have a ct scan report says ground glass opacity which is exposure to asbestos on web site i found.dav is is getting involved as my rep they sent me a form for info release an power of attorney which i signed ansent back to them.hopin for just return soon!!!!

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