The latest on ship exposed to agent orange

If you go to the site < > The site will give you info on how the VA has now changed their opinion on sailors being exposed to agent orange. If the below list exposure is prosumed


 Senator Chris Gibson introduced HR Bill 543 regarding The Navy ships being exposed, if the ships were up rivers or off the Vietnam coast or in Danang


The list of ships exposed is on the below web site. The list is long, but I found the USS Point Defiance LSD 31 on the list For each ship it will  list the location and date of service in Vietnam. Navy Ship Deck Logs are in the process of being digitaly copied , but only the Carriers deck logs are finished. We will have to keep checking the site as our ships are added. The web site to check is < >

List of ships exposed is on theon


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  • i am currently goin thru my third appeal w/va they will not accept  my illness from the the point d got with my dav reps last week an filed a form needed to move ahead,i have read the symptoms associated with ao and asbestos i am suffering with some of each.cannot understand why a guy that was on a ship connected to ours in nam got his claim accepted an not me.he said to keep after them told him no problem there.stephern gibson usn retired.

    • did the va give you a cat scan xray? if you were exposed to asbestos, you should have pleura plaques (as read by a certified "b" reader.) there is one thing sailors don't tell the va...the lead, yellow chromate, and that stinking enamel we used on the bulkheads and overheads. another thing not mentioned is the over spray mist from the dioxin (oa). you were part of the part of the beach landing party!? 

      mention to your rep. the ringing in your ears (deck mounts bring fired)

      the va might try to blame your condition on to your environment. get your med. records from the va. they have to give them to you, including the 'doctors notes'. you'll have to go to the va and sign some papers.

      mick ayer


  • hey mick, i was on the pd myself in 73-76 was in 2nd div  my name is stephen gibson .ive been fightin va for 3yrs,recently discovered a website that said copd can be linked to asbestos exposure i sent the page an appeal to my dav contact so will see if that gets em to accept not deny my claim.they've been tellin me my illness didn't come from the pd!!! that is BS,  I WAS DISABLED IN 99 for copd an sleep apnea,was fine after i was discharged untill my lungs went south!!! have wondered why the pd was decomissioned in 83 to suisun bay calif waitin for salvage or scrappin.sounds like the va is in hot water for mistreatment of vets hope they get theirs.sgibson usn retired. 

    • I was diagnosed as having asbestos in the lungs in 1995. they gave me 10%. couple months ago I got 10% for tinnitus, because of the ringing in my ears. I might have a touch of ptsd and depression.

      I spent 3 years and 8 months on the PD, working in the boiler room, which was full of asbestos. I don't have any of the diseases that other crew members say they have, except for the asbestos in the lungs. the VA xrayed my lungs and did a breathing test...they found some calcium in my lungs, that could be caused by old age. (70). I have no effusion...nothing growing between the two linings that cover the lungs.

      Maybe I'm just fortunate to be fairly healthy for my age! 

  • Hello Roger; My name is Mick Ayer BT 2 'B' division. I was on the Point Defiance from 12/63 to 08/67.

    The Archives has 60 months of deck logs for the PD, starting at January 1966.

    I hope other mates can read this. In my browser I typed ''   in the search bar I typed 'deck logs lsd-31'

    click on the 'digital copies' folder. In upper right hand corner click view by, and change it to DATE. This puts them in numerical order. Under the little deck log, click on dates. click the red PDF file. then click thr next PDF file. You might have to enlarge the logs to read them. (press control {ctrl} on your keyboard, use the mouse roller to blow them up). If You   know this disregard. I hope everyone can read this.  

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