My cruise w/USS FORRESTAL was my first and only...and went up to the FD after a launch and asked one one of the FDC guys if it was ok...he sez "sure but you got to clear the deck before recoveries begin.No problem....Stayed in the catwalk and when the recoveries started I was getting ready to exir to below decks when a F14 zipped by and broke the BARRIER...for what seemed like 30 min I was trying to get to the entrance to the passage way...actually it was like maybe 30 seconds and a cple of guys were laffing their butts off...never DID that again

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  • Then there was the anti aircraft guns....

    Standing on the Port side of the FD...gun swings left....gun swings right...goes to the center....standing there...just kinda relaxing a little bit...then the damn thing goes BOOM! When one is not expecting this one could seriously fill up one boots and NOT with water...

    Just to cover my butt...I still am not co orinated as to where and which side "guns were actually stationed..."

    All this was my first time EVER on something bigger than a FLAT BOTTOM JOHN BOAT..

    I was also aware there were other shipmtes rollin on the deck laffin their butts off

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