• What's missing are the truthful facts! But then, we are not supposed to know them on a covert and secret unit! Barry obviously did not take a class in that during his "community organizer" education! It will be interesting to see what comes out of the investigation into what Hollywood was included in! I am hoping I will wake up one morning and realize it was "just a movie"! 

    • Hi Jim...Hopefully not this Movie! I made it.


    • I was Blackshoe, Bluewater Navy but I know enough about Seals to know that Seal Team 6 is made up of several different teams.

      • Hi Ronald!

        It just seemed a little fishy to me.

        FOR THE RECORD  I believe that Osama was already dead and that Seal Team six had killed a low life operative and that OBAMA TOLD A LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT THEY HAD KILLED ASAMA.

        The body they buried at sea was not Osama! Where was the body? I never saw it and those shown on the internet that was "Osama" they claim was actually not and one person was repreemanded for telling the News Media that what Obama had claimed was Osama before He was killed was taken years ago.

        MMMMmmm Interesting. And the timing? Just in time for the 2012 elections

        ************************** FURTHER ********************************

        I believe that the Seal Team that was killed in Afganistan was an inside Job to prevent any of the Seal Team Six members from telling the truth and thus wipe out the falsely boosted image of our so called Commander in Chief. Frankly He's not mine!

        • Oh ya there is a phrase..... Dead men tell no tales and dead men take the truth to their grave. I believe that Obama was responsible for the death of Seal Team Six in Afganistan as much as He is responsible and the Attorney General is for the death of a Border Patrol Agent killed by the Mexican Drug Cartel.

          Like no other time in history, we have a very, very corrupt and crooked President who would do anything and say anything to boost him political image. and Frankly I hold the view of the poster below I created.



  • Did Seal Team Six come back from the dead Just in time before Obama's speech to the nation to save his so called "Commander-In-Chief-Image" on election schedule? First, many of the Seal Team Six who killed Osama were killed in Afganistan the news reported months ago.

    Now they are back from the grave the same ones that got Osama, not rescue two people in Somali?

    **************************** SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY HERE? ***********************************

    Someone correct me! What's missing here?

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