After going through all the Command and Ships there a are two ships I served on that I don't see.  

USS Peterson DD 969 Norfolk VA and USS Connole FF 1056 Newport RI  

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  • Bill, sorry that someone did not respond to your discussion before this. It may have gotten more notice as a comment on the main page.

    There are a lot of commands that have yet to be posted (or page started). The site was set up for the vets (us all) to build and expand through their participation. You can create your own commands that are not represented. The webmaster (Doug Karr) will review it to be sure there is not a duplication somewhere and that it meets the basic criteria of a "Command' (which all ships do). So, if you have not been put off or soured by the lack of a response to your message, feel free to head up to the "Commands" tab and (+ADD) both ships! You never know, a former fellow shipmate or two may chime in!

    Good Luck,

    Jim Decota

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