Pathetic Washington

i jus sent this to news media and also to TV talk shows;

The American people are outraged! Please find out the annual salary for these idiots and calculate the hourly rate when they are in session and actually doing something. And talking gibberish and reading from Dr. Sues doesn’t count I believe it will further emberase them and really trigger their ouster from their pathetic useless terms and allow the election of new young people who want to properly serve this country!


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  • I have been trying to tell people about him for SIX YEARS (2006) so when someone finally comes out and says, "Hey!  This guy doesn't like America!"

    All I can say is, "About time you woke up!"

  • You would think that with their PAY and their WILLINGNESS to SPEND, it would be a LOGICAL CHOICE to buy some BALLS.

    John Boehner, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are all wondering how to spend us into oblivion!

    Wingnut is also enjoying his relationships with the OTHER MUSLIMS across the world.

    • hi David....Some of these "guys" actually DO have balls....I have been told that NANCY PELOSI has some...Don't know how true that is,though...still workin on THAT one,though...Thoughts,anybody?

      • Oh yeah!  Nanci has balls all right!  She was a bull dyke wrestler before she ran for government office.  I want to sneak in and put Ben-Gay in her jockstrap.

        • Boy!...That ought to give her an extra bounce.Hee  Hee Hee!...Maybe she could be teamed up with  " THE HULK " in the NWA...NO HOLDS BARRED...

    • You hit it SPOT ON,David...ole WING NUT  ("NUMNUT") dosen't care about OUR AMERICA,nor does our "leader" have ANY MORAL VALUES...PERIOD!!

  • Roger,I totally agree with what you're saying;America WOULD be MUCH better off without some of these CLOWNS RUINING OUR country,but there WILL be some resistance to their ouster...Our  " leader " has BOUGHT so many votes with his little" giveaways" to illegal as well as domestic " willing recipients" that every voter who has any common sense MUST get to the polls,and vote all the  trouble makers...left AND right...totally out of existance.Some of these characters need to be tried for TREASON & dealt with accordingly,don't you agree?

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