I have been a Navy Reserve Recruiter for over 13 years. Doing this job I deal with veterans everyday letting them know of all the benefits for both the active reserve and the inactive reserver (IRR). If anyone has any questions here is the place to do it.

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  • Good Morning!

    Bye the bye; where can I get a USNR Patch & Flag.

    I enlisted in The USNR in 1960 (On the very morning the 'Viet Cong' became an OFFICIAL branch of ARVN). When I deployed all my papers/orders & ID became USN. They've long-since Closed The old USNR Station in Covington, Ky!

    I can't find any kind of USNR Patch to wear, or USNR flag to fly! I was proud I served in The U S Navy Reserves!

    Thanks for any attention you might pay my Quest!

    Fred L. Hill

  • Oops..."VET!"

  • Where can a USNR Vey buy a USNR Patch?

    Frederick L. Hill, Jr.

  • I got 26 years total time in , i did almost 19 years on active duty, the rest reserve,  with no bad years, is there ANY way of getting my retirement benifits any earlier then at 60 years?


  • I have a friend who was in the Army reserves (active), for 16 years. The VA is telling her she does not qualify for any VA health benefits??? How can this be? Any info would be appreciated.
    • Have contact a VA Service Officer in her county!

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