just wondering!

The words on behalf of the president of the United States were removed from the flag presentation ceremony at funerals. I had heard that last year and it made me mad. I was talking to an honor guard member yesterday and he told me the same thing, and once again it got under my skin. I guess this is some of that change we were told about. Just wondering! My wife recently brought home some postage stamps after looking at them we noticed a strange symbol and the words eid celebration i'm told this is an Islamic thing. Just wondering! The word God was recently removed from an Air Force division symbol at the request of some atheist group. More change? Just wondering!

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  • Just one thing, in remembrance to our fallen comrades who gave the ultimate sacrifice, "There ain't no anesthetists in Foxholes"  

  • Buried my father in September at the Riverside National Cemtery in California. The flag was presented to my mother with the words, "On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation...." The Marines still know how to do it right.

    • David sorry to hear about your father. Glad they laid him to rest with honors. I lost my dad in 1978 the pain is still there.

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