Chelsea Naval Hospital, Ma. 1968-1971

My name is James(Jim) Knippel and I was stationed at the hospital during this time. I was a dental technician in the clinic next to PT behind the hospital. In 1969 I started to work oral surgery and over the next 3 years spent most of my time in the operating room, doing dental surgeries or general surgeries when they were short on OR techs. Over the past few years I have finally admitted to myself that I suffer from PTSD, and have been diagnosed with it. The problem I have in filing a claim is, it was not from being in combat. My stressors are some of the surgeries I was in and some of the patients in the dental clinic. I am searching for anyone that might remember some of these patients, not there name but just them. Without someone to that might also remember some of these patients, I have no claim. I have to find someone that can say yes I remember too. If you can help me please e-mail me at I will be forever grateful!

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