• Spent the yrs of Aug 57 to  Oct 59 in CSCN/CHSA and CFE/CNA Navy 510.  Enjoyed the BlueBird Club in Naples.  Lived in the Hotel Tricarico in Bagnoli until the Navy Barracks were built up on Via M de Carrivachio.  Was in Naples in 2009 ona trip but only spent 20 mins there.  Wanted to take a whole day there but had to stay with group.  Hopefully will be able to get back there.  Loved the duty.

    Dick Ritrievi, YN2

    • thank yoy for the info. i was there many times in 60 @ 62 on med cruses. naples was no.1 liberty port great times.

  • From November of 1967 to July 1970 I was the Asst. Navy Exchange Officer at the Naval Support Activity in Naples. The Navy Exchange operated the Bluebird Club in downtown Naples, and supervising the civilian manager (Vince Vitale) was one of my duties. I enjoyed going to the club for dinner and shows as,a part of my job. It is my understanding that the Bluebird Club is no longer open, but that is only from hearsay. Morgan S. "Mike" Bragg
    • Thanks for your email to me and for the info on your service background and experience over there. The
      pool may not have been there at the time you were (it was at the end of the base
      behind the barracks and near the bowling alley). I used to visit NSA every week
      to either see a film or have a meal and of course to shop at the exchange. Yes,
      I was sad to read about the earthquake and the damage forcing them to relocate
      the NSA base. I did visit the USO periodically when I went downtown. Used to go down
      to the port frequently with my friends where the fishing boats would come in because they
      had a vendor there selling fresh fried calamari along with wine and beer. I did remember
      about the bombing of the club (it did not get as much news because Iran/Contra story was still going
      on). When I was there the Red Brigade terrorists had been creating creating havoc for
      years- the former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped murdered along with 5 of his
      police escort) only 7 months before I was discharged. We were on alert the whole
      time and had to take extra precautions when we were not on base. Don't even
      want to mention all the security briefings we had to attend dealing with that.
      Glad you got to be stationed there though and was able to revisit the area.
      What other postings did you have and what rank did you retire at?

  • Greetings I dont know now,but I was there in1964.Great spagetti & too much whiskey
    •      I remember buying tickets at door for use inside .25cents wiskey 15 for beer

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