asbestosis and heart disease

I was stationed on board the uss los alamos afdb-7 a floating drydock and worked in the enginerooms for my tour and have gotten asbestosis and heart disease from working with asbestos.It was stationed in holy loch scotland

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  • I retired as HTCS in 1987. I did not have symptoms until about 1992 when I started experiencing shortness of breath after mild exertion. It kept getting worse from there but it was all gradual. I was coughing a lot. Around 1998, I first noticed blood in the sputum I coughed up. I finally went to see a doctor in 2001 after experiencing serious weight loss and generally feeling bad all of the time. They shot Xrays, which looked terrible. It was right after 9/11 when that idiot was sending envelopes out in the mail to randomly selected people who worked for the government, containing anthrax powder. I worked for the Navy (BIW-General Dynamics) at Mayport, FL. They kept me in an airlock protected  room under tight quarantine for about three days. At first they thought it was anthrax, then TB, then lung cancer - but testing negated all that. They finally just called it "MULTIPLE INFECTIONS OF THE LUNGS WITH SEVERE SCARRING and DECREASED RESIRATORY FUNCTION". I had to quit working in 2004 (aged 58) but did not get SS disability started until 2006. Near the end of 2007, my claim for disability with the VA was approved and I was awarded a 100 percent disabled rating  - their diagnosis was ASBESTOSIS. I received most of the asbestos exposure on the CVA-19 HANCOCK (1964-1968). I am still kicking - moving around on my own power. I didn't think I would live this long. I have good days and bad days. I also had intestinal problems - I had surgery in 2008 to remove part of the small intestine and colon. It has not been tied to the asbestos problem but WHO KNOWS? The VA was super. Feel free to contact me if you need advice with doing a claim with the VA.  DALTON R. PHILLIPS HTCS(SW) retired, Temple, TX

    • Dalton

      Sorry to here all your health problems I also retired as HTCS in 84 and i thank the good Lord i have been ok (Never spent a day in the hospital only to be borne)  I spent several years on 2 tenders in the pipe shop doing a lot of lagging jobs on the Subs .And as you a lot of time in the Eng & Fire rooms of other ships .I spent 20 years after i got out teaching shipboard fire fighting to merchant seaman .I am now 70 and yes i do have shortness of breath much more than a few years back.. I had a MRI done of my lungs about 2 yr ago and all was well they said but think i will ask my Dr. to do it again. My problems are now in my right hip some times a lot of pain when walking a lot but i try and walk as much as possible around the walking track can get about a mile & it is time to stop. Every one says go see VA but i do not want to abuse the system as long as Tricare for Life is still there . 

      Again the best to you and hope you keep felling good  

      Norm  Atwater Anderson SC   

      • Thanks Norm. Getting old is no cake walk - that is for sure. They say it is best to keep moving for as long as you can. The extent of my walking is going to Walmart, Sam's and Lowe's to do shopping and that gives me a good work out. When I was at Philly, I jogged 3 miles most days during my lunch break. I wasn't fast but I was steady and I got-r done. Of course =- I was 39 -40 years old back then. Just keep and eye on it and best of luck to you. --- Dalton R. Phillips

  • I have a friend HTCM Bob Hessinger who was on the same drydock in1962 in Holy Loch and just a few weeks ago had to have a tumor removed from this left lung he is waiting for the test results Norm

  • Dear Benny, I was on the dock in the 70's ..I was a HT and just started to develop breathing problems recently...Went in for a ct scan and so far they can only detect asbestos in my right pft has gone from 107% a year ago to 55% this year...the doctors where I live are not the smartest when it comes to  diagnosing these types of diseases. I feel like I am breathing with a wet wash cloth over my mouth. My ribs hurt constantly and now stuff is going on with my abdomen.I am in the process of filing a claim with the VA and have retained an asbestos atty out of Texas..Do you have any tips or words of wisdom as to what to expect? Miss the Loch. Hope all is well with you..

                                                                                      Your Brother in Arms

                                                                                                       HTFN Geoffrey Wicks[ping]

    • Hey bud sorry it took so long to get back to you but this is the first time I have been on this site. Beleive me I know what you are going through.I have had major heart surguries done and seeing a heart transplant team. I am so sorry it has taken so long but I have just got on this site. God bless you and your family.

                                                                                                   Benny Iannuzzelli EN2

    • I am sorry but I have just seen your claim  of asbestosis. I have gotten it from working with asbestos on board the dry dock and it has very much effected my heart

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