Our older brother was a naval aviator--flew Sea Sprite helicoptors mainly off destroyers and cruisers in the gulf in the early 90's and also was stationed out of Pearl Harbor after that. My younger brother and I would really like to buy him an "authentic as possible" flight jacket in a size that will fit him (he's gained some weight), and then have his fleet and deployment patches and wings transferred to the new jacket.

I assume we civilians can't purchase official flight jackets directly from the Navy (I think they're goat skin but not positive), and it's also possible that official jackets won't come in a size that will fit him--I'm thinking he's going to be at least a 48.  Do any of you have any recommendations for a company that sells high quality flight jackets--Absolutely must be made in the USA??

Thank you if you are able to reply.  I sort of busted into this forum just to make this inquiry, and so I apologize for any disrespect.  Thank you.

Michael G. SmithSalem, Oregon

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  • Mi  chael,

    you can find a lot of Navy flight jackets on eBay just go on the site and type in Navy flight jacket  they are called G1, you can buy some for a fixed price or bid on them.

    make sure the wind flap by the zipper has USN in small hole punches.  some are goat skin others are leather.  I have bought and sold 13 flight jackets.  the goat skin ones are more comfortable the regular leather ones are too stiff.  Make sure it has the mouton fur collar also.  also find out if the wrist webbing and waist webbing is in good shape.  You can get a new one from San Diego leather, but you are talking about $300.00.  You should be able to find a good one for about $125.00.  Some guys put a lot of patches on them to make the look genuine,watch out for that.  also the back panel should be one piece  the pockets have buttons.  you can email me for more info  at reggy6332@gmail.com.  Sorry, i didn't notice the messages below.

    Ron Brabbin

  • Thank you so much!!  Just placed an order with them--ordered a size up from his suit coat size per their recommendations.  Will order a 4" U.S. Naval Aviation pilots patch for the right shoulder, a 3x5 U.S. flag for the left, and a velcro pile 2x4 black patch for the left front breast.  Tried to find the proper patch placement measurements.  On his issued jacket, the round aviation patch is 2 1/8" from the shoulder seam, and the 3x5 US flag is 2 3/4" from the shoulder seam.  Hopefully, that's how it's supposed to go, because I couldn't find any "patch placement" handbook on any of the US Navy memos and websites I've read through online.

    Again:  thank you so much for your reply.  You gave me and my younger brother some confidence with our purchase.

  • My pilot store . Com
    G-1 goatskin. 425.00
    100% Military Spec goatskin, made in the USA
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