Antennae- Or Whiskers

I snuck up on this scary looking boat in Subic, and took a photo of it.  Then suddenly, its antennae moved and the boat hissed at me. 

 I took off running and didn't look back.  



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  • It's right behind you Adrian....RUN,RUN,RUN!!

    • James, 

      I ran all the way back up to the hospital compound.  Huff!  Puff!  When I got there I told everybody about the scary boat, and that it hissed at me!  And, and, everything!

      They all laughed and said I told a great story.  

      Later that night I was partying downtown Olongapo and forgot all about it.  

      Funny how things work out that way.


      • You know,Adrian,it IS kinda funny how those unexplained things happen to sailors once in a while....I haven't ever mentioned this before,but I once was in beautiful downtown Subic Bay,you know,where all the friendly ladies in the WELCOMING COMMITTEE  are gathered together,you know,to be as helpful as possible to the lonely swabbies (who have $$$) and thought I saw a MERMAID staring at me at a particular location!!Well,as it turned out,after closer observation,& examination of this creature,I discovered ,after a few San Miguels that it really WAS a mermaid!!...Imagine THAT!!...

        • I think I recall seeing one at some nightclub back then, after quite a few rum drinks.  Say wait a minute. 

           Was it this one?

          photo by evan russel3439451765?profile=original

          • Hmm,you know...I think this IS the SAME ONE!

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